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Unknown little animals of the last century. Very interesting! 
Cryptozoology long been popular among fans of the supernatural. For centuries people have told about where and when they saw the strange creatures in nature and can not be. This caused so much interest that in 1983 received the anomaly own scientific classification and became known as "kriptidami." The idea that these monsters exist, exciting, but reliable evidence of their existence is usually not. In general, appearances can be deceiving. 
1. De Loys' Ape 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
In 1917, the Swiss geologist François de Loix led an expedition to Venezuela. He was looking for oil. By 1920, the ninth year he and the surviving members of the team reached the village of Rio Tarra near the borders of Colombia, where he ran into a couple of strange primates. Ape-like creatures were walked upright, their growth is 140 cm, and the tail was not at all. They came to the people and began to aggressively waving his arms, shouting, throwing his own feces, so de Loix shot one of them and killed on the spot. The second ran into the jungle. De Loix photographed the corpse, and then took the skin and the head being. Unfortunately, almost all the photos and skin with the head lost or died in the sunken boat at the end of the expedition.There is only one picture. 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
Francois de Loix 
Photo nine years gathering dust in a private collection de Loix and probably would have stayed there if de Loix showed her anthropologist Georges Montandon, who has studied evolution.Montandon believed that the different races of people around the world are descended from various large primates living in the respective regions. According to him, such as Asians are descended from orangutans. Opening Lua de Montandon thought the missing link between apes and spider indigenous to South America. Montandon being called ameranthropoides loysi and together with de Loix announced this breakthrough in anthropology. It is a pity that it was a hoax.
De Lua told the story of the press and aroused great interest. A Montandon defended the photo in the scientific community and quickly fell out with the scientists who saw the picture just ordinary spider-monkey without a tail. In the picture there is no comparative benchmarks to determine the size of the creature. But there is bananas, which in this area do not grow.Conclusion: Photo - fake. 
Years later, in a letter to Venezuelan news magazines physician and politician Dr. Enrique Tejera claimed that worked with de Loix during that expedition, is aware of the subsequent history and I am sure that being in the picture - just a monkey home of the de Lua. Tail once had to be amputated for animal health, and de Loix just took a picture of your pet after death. 
2. Hand yeti 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
yeti hand history of the monastery in Pangboche long, complex and with a large number of participants. It began in 1950, when a huge number of conquerors of Everest was replaced by an enormous number of searchers of Bigfoot or at least evidence of its existence. 
Although the legend of the Yeti Himalayan rooted in folklore and the first time he was allegedly seen in the mid-19th century, it traces in the vicinity of Mount Everest mountaineer Eric Shipton photographed only in the 1950s. In 1953 Edmund Hillary reached the summit of the mountain.West was delighted - not only from the conqueror of Everest, but also on the Yeti. London newspaper «Daily Mail» big expedition fitted out only for searches of Bigfoot. This group found the remains in Pangboche. 
In the Himalayan village of Pangboche stands the ancient Buddhist temple, where the expedition and found the alleged Yeti scalp that are stored there as a religious relic. White people were allowed to quickly examine her, but to analyze them managed to take only a few hairs.Expedition zoologist Charles Stonor was from the start convinced of the authenticity of the scalp, but to prove it, took years of careful analysis. 
In the second half of the decade, the Texas oil tycoon and famous adventurer Tom Slick organized three high-profile trips to look for strange creature. For help, he turned to the climber and explorer Peter Byrne. In 1958 Byrne visited the temple and found something like a mummified Yeti hand, but the monks refused to give it back with even a tiny bit. 
Intrigued, Slick again a year later Byrne sent to the monastery with dried human hand in the hope to exchange it on the arm Yeti. Byrne said that persuaded lamas allow him to replace one finger. Then each Slick, the famous actor Jimmy Stewart smuggling brought a finger from India - hidden in a suitcase among the underwear of his wife. So finger was in the UK, where it received for research primatologist William Osman Hill. Also part of the sample sent anthropologist George Adzhodzhino in America. 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
George Adzhodzhino 
It was all in vain: Hill found out that it was the hand of hominid, but rather Neanderthal than human. Decades later, in Pangboche for the next sample for analysis go another expedition. 
In 1960 Edmund Hillary went to Nepal again, already on its own initiative. He wanted to establish the facts. In Pangboche he compared the scalp with the skins of three sulfur and realized that they were almost identical. Hand Hillary and his team are not considered, considering the results of the expedition Byrne's not worth attention. 
In 1991, finally was made ​​more thorough investigation of the mysterious hand. Moreover contributed Adzhodzhino submitting your sample on the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries." Tests again proved inconclusive, although the finger could easily belong to a previously unknown human species. But thanks to television relics became wildly popular, and scalp with a hand from the monastery was stolen. All that remains - is an example Adzhodzhino. 
But in the year 2008 which was brought Byrne yeti finger found in the collection Hill, which he bequeathed to the museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In 2011, the year of the existence of a finger proznal the BBC and took a sample for another study. And finally DNA testing has proven that it is an ordinary human finger, putting an end to the question half a century ago. 
3. Cuero Chupacabra of the 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
most famous kriptid in the US and Canada - Yeti. And their neighbors in Latin America dearer infamous bloodsucker Chupacabra. The first report about it appeared in 1990 in Puerto Rico residents accused the beast that he regularly sucks the blood of livestock. And the first "eyewitness" was Madeleine Tolentino. She described the two-legged creature with huge eyes like a "classic" alien and sharp spines on his back like a stegosaurus. In her description of the ufologist Jorge Martin made ​​a drawing, which initiated the documentation of the appearance of Chupacabra. But how is it that today many consider Chupacabra mummified dog rather than reptilian dwarf? 
Thank farmer Phyllis Canyon of Cuero, Texas. She claimed that in 2007, the year someone drank blood from her chickens, as was the case with the victims of the legendary beast. She also allegedly saw strange bluish-gray animals hiding on its soil. One of them was found dead Canyon on a nearby road, and he looked so striking that it has kept his head for DNA testing. At the same time told everyone that this is exactly the Chupacabra. Of course, two separate DNA tests eventually revealed that the chupacabra of Cuero was not a mythical monster. It was just a hybrid wolf and coyote, the patient severe form of scabies. The apparent lack of cattle blood clotting ordinary scientists explained. However, the public was under the impression that the photos so sick canine decorated headlines a few years in a row: wrote that here it is - the elusive chupacabra. 
4. Monster of sewage Roles 
summer of 2009 there was a video on YouTube entitled "An unknown life form in the sewers of North Carolina!". Posted its independent site devoted to UFOs. The news quickly picked up the famous sci-fi blog io9 - a division of the famous Gawker. Io9 readers have a lot. This video shows a strange dёrgayuschiesya balls inside the sewer pipe. Video instantly became viral - millions of views in a few days. The so-called life form looks suspiciously like a monster drop from the same horror movie. But, despite the questionable source, our monster of a video seemed convincing. Then in the administration of Raleigh, which allegedly was found monster realized that everyone is talking only about him, and confirmed the authenticity of the video, but categorically denied that it was a monster. A "monster from the sewer" meanwhile hit the national news the US.


According to the Department of Public Utilities, the video took an independent source in the private line of Raleigh, which is not in the city itself. Video made ​​for a month before it hit the Internet, and the authorities say they do not know who posted it. But biologists say that the "monster" was actually a colony of pipe makers or sludge worms, the beat in convulsions of the camera light. These animals are often fed fish - they are easy to find and collect near the sewage outlets, but the pipes themselves, they are rare. Professor of biology at the University of North Carolina suggested that the balls were a colony of aquatic invertebrates, bryozoans, but it denied an expert on bryozoans from Wright State University (yes, there are narrow specialists) and a Dutchman who shared his experiments over the colony pipe makers. In general, both expert and amateur naturalist from Holland, confirmed the words of the city authorities: probably on video tubifex or bryozoans, but certainly not the protoplasm-eater from outer space. 
5. Monster Cerro Azul 
At the end of 2009 the story of four teens killed and their strange creature exploded internet.Other evidence of the meeting contradict each other, but all agree on one thing: teenagers killed a being in the vicinity of Cerro Azul Panama City. They dropped the creature in the water and later returned to photograph the body. Then the photos hit the Internet, in local television news and flashed in the American and British press. 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
The images show pale, almost hairless creature with long skinny arms and body oddly shaped.And yet, with at least one hand hooked. Assumptions put forward different from extraterrestrial life to the earth as yet unknown species. But some have recognized the country has already decomposing Three-toed sloth. When four days Panamanian authorities dragged the corpse out of the brook, the biopsy showed that all the way and there - is sloth. It was found that the monster Cerro Azul lay in water for about two days, causing a rapid loss of hair, smoothing the skin and swelling of internal organs - all this was the reason for this strange species. The story of one of the boys only confirms these findings. He claimed that he felt like creature while swimming in the creek grabbed his legs, so that the boys pulled the beast out of the water and attacked him. It follows that if teenagers do not lie, they misled the flow of water. 
6. Omayyanaakoos 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
In 2010, the online debate revolved around a photograph of an unknown substance, published on the website of the Canadian at Big Trout in northern Ontario. Two nurses walking their dog near the lake dam. And the dog out of the water a strange beast with big teeth and a white muzzle hairless. The blogosphere expressed a lot of assumptions, including this: it is none other like a beast omayyanaakoos of Indian folklore. This name literally means "ugly." Meet him - a bad omen. 
However, this is clearly not the case. On the Internet quickly figured out that the strange beast - only mink, from whose muzzle gone all wool because stay in the water after his death. However, the body does not recover, so it is not clear whether it was the legendary harbinger of death or is it just a mink. But women like until the procedure, as well as Indians. 
7. Siberian alien 
In April of 2011 there was a video on YouTube from the Siberian city of Irkutsk, which seemed to be an alien body in the snow. The operator is exploring strange discovery and tells how the body found his dog. A small humanoid creature with sunken eye sockets and wrinkled pale skin was missing his right leg, as if he was in some kind of accident. A version that the Russian military cleans traces at the crash site alien spaceship, but something missed. A Irkutsk, apparently, the aliens have long loved: in the local media on the eve of the opening of talk about a few UFO sightings. Two days and about 1.5 million views after video found major news agencies. And declared sensation.


Alleged alien might well be withered corpse of an animal. Hence, the discovery could be either true or fabricated. Of course, it turned out that it is a fiction. The creators of the video eventually admitted to the local authorities that have made ​​"corpse" of stuffed bread crumbs chicken skin.As for the strange lights in the sky over Irkutsk, their origin still remains a mystery. 
8. Monster of the East River 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
Another curious finding, a little rocked the Internet - it's a monster of the East River, found in Manhattan under the Brooklyn Bridge. His photographed in 2012, the year of pedestrians and posted on the New York site Gothamist. In the bloated carcass could not identify any of the known species. 
Wild giant rat? Or a secret laboratory experiment? Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has suggested that it is roasted pig. Being on the picture and it reminds a bit of the truth, but his paws five claws - not at all like pork hoof. Teeth are also not such as pigs. Soon the mystery cleared up the site itself Gothamist - contacted Professor of Natural History at Cornell University, identified the "monster" little dog, which has long been decomposed in water. 
9. Sea monster from Villarikos 
10 mysterious monsters whose existence can be explained rationally
In 2013, the year on the beach near the Andalusian town Villarikos found the remains of a giant sea serpent with horns. Decaying There are four meters long baffled as leisure and Spanish authorities. First Photo creatures appeared in the Spanish press, and soon scattered all over the internet. Suggests that this belt-fish. Or that this sea dragon mutant. Spanish officials buried the corpse and preserved specimens for research, but were at a loss. As a result, the mystery revealed NBC reporter Alan Boyle, who spoke with an ichthyologist at Florida State University Dean Grubbs. According to Grubbs, "it certainly shark skeleton. A so-called horns - Scapulocoracoid or chuck plate supporting the pectoral fins. " 
The incident in Villarikos - just one of the many occurrences of "sea monsters" that attracted everyone's attention and eventually got quite mundane explanation. A few months ago, the network appeared footage of a giant skeleton on the beach in New Zealand. Video has become the virus appeared in the media, and the skeleton in the end turned out to be the remains of an ordinary killer. Last year at the beach in South Carolina Sea also thrown a strange skeleton, got into the news as something inexplicable, but in fact the former only some remains of the Atlantic sturgeon. Canvey Island Monster in Iceland (angler), Trunk of South Africa (whale oil), plesiosaur Zuiyo Maru Japanese fisherman in a boat (basking shark) ... Sensational sea monsters appear several times a year, and it is unlikely in the near future, such " Sensations "come to naught. 
10. Gollum from Huaychzhou 
Gollum from the hills Huaychzhou - one of the last examples of animal mistaken for a monster. If you drive in a string of search engine query «Huairou Gollum», then there will be thousands of pages in several languages. Photos strange beast, quite a bit like the famous character from the movie "Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson appeared in June 2014, in the Chinese social network Sina Weibo and gradually moved into the media around the world.

In photos - thick bald creature with big ears. Snapshot census for more than 30 000 times. He has collected tens of thousands of comments and more than a million views on YouTube. In the most famous photograph dwarf looks straight into the camera at a relatively short distance from the photographer, and because of this it can be seen in more detail. Naturally, many were of the opinion that the photos - just a hoax. But no, it's much more interesting. 
Huaychzhou - a picturesque mountainous area in the north of Beijing. On it goes a popular tourist route in which you can see part of the Great Wall. Photos made ​​in the camper camping tourist who departed away from the group to go to the toilet. Within a day after the placement in a social network story was viral spread throughout China. And one anonymous commentator claims to know the answer to the mystery: 
"Over the weekend, my friends and I went to the mountains to shoot a mini-fantasy film. When I stepped back into the bushes to relieve himself, whence sprang guy. He took pictures of me and ran away. " 
Within a day, Beijing police said that the Chinese Gollum was "dressed in a suit actor, who starred in advertising." 
County Government Huaychzhou confirmed the words of the commentator, adding that the actor actually went to the toilet and did not take off the costume. This explains why the photograph being sitting in the bushes. Meanwhile, producers of the popular online game «Guild Wars 2" offered another explanation: the actor allegedly specially made ​​photo from China for the game.He allegedly portrayed asura - one of the original game characters. A photographed him when he bent to drink water from the creek. 
He drank in fact or that it was easier and shooting is unclear, but the fact remains: Gollum from Huaychzhou - an ordinary man in a suit, which is a tourist with a camera mistook for a creature unknown to science . Technically, no not a hoax - but absolutely rational explanation.

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