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Bigpikcha offers to see a selection of photos of animals per week (April 14-20), made by the best photographers in the world.
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The Tigers are fighting at the zoo in Yangzhou in China. (Photo: REUTERS)
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Giraffes in Botswana, South Africa. (Photo: Michael Polisi / Barcroft)

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Little lamb on the farm in Sussex. (Photo: REX)
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Playful pandas at the zoo in Hangzhou, China. (Picture: Barcroft)

original (700x465, 174Kb)
Otter enough camera for self in Washington (Photo: PA)

original (700x466, 110Kb)
Gorilla celebrates her 24th birthday at the Wild Animal Park in Kent, UK. (Photo: Rex)

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Bengal tiger cubs playing with their mother at the zoo in Buenos Aires in Argentina. (Picture: Barcroft)

original (700x465, 84Kb)
Polar bear pressed against the mother. (Picture: Caters News)

original (700x465, 84Kb)
Siberian tiger in the zoo in Shenyang. (Photo: Rex Features)

original (700x438, 115Kb)
Zembra named Jumbo (left) plays with his mother in a zoo in Germany. (Photo: AP)

original (700x438, 99Kb)
Bengal tiger cub playing at the zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo: Natasha Pisarenko / AP)

original (700x438, 82Kb)
Sparrow in search of food in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Photo: AFP)

original (700x465, 139Kb)
Brown bear Masha and her cubs peek out of the cave at the zoo in Hamburg. (Photo: EPA)

original (700x412, 145Kb)
"Spider Monkey" at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium. (Photo: Reuters)

original (700x466, 139Kb)
A man feeds a crocodile meat chunks in Karachi, southern Pakistan. (Photo: Reuters)

original (700x435, 81Kb)
People watch cockfights in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in China. (Photo: Reuters)

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Bear resting at the zoo in Berlin. (Photo: AFP Photo)

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Visitors watch as the lions play in the safari park, about 50 km east of Simferopol, Crimea. (Photo: AP)

original (700x464, 118Kb)
Press secretary zoo keeps flamingos at the zoo in Miami. (Photo: AP)
Colorful pictures of animals on a living planet.
Jiv_pl_42 (700x475, 243Kb)
Pagi - female Malayan bear - encourages his brother Palu during their first public appearance at the San Diego Zoo. (Tammy Spratt / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_43 (700x473, 233Kb)
A dog named Max jumped into the air, trying to bite the flow of snow snowplow at Jamestown. (The Jamestown Sun via Assoiciated Press)

Jiv_pl_44 (700x473, 223Kb)
Three-year Bea giraffe licks strausihu Wilma in Tampa Bay. Usually, animals communicate with animals of their same species. However, more recently the rangers noticed that this couple standing together.(Matt Marriott / Busch Gardens via Associated Press)

Jiv_pl_45 (700x458, 296Kb)
Two macaw parrot during courtship ritual in the zoo in Germany. (Torsten Silz / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_46 (700x463, 276Kb)
Two Australian red kangaroo resting in the sun in the "world wild nature in Sydney." Red Kangaroo - the largest marsupial and major Australian mammal well adapted to the dry climate of Australia. (Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_47 (700x475, 274Kb)
Gorilla cub sleeping on the back of the mother in the zoological park in Caracas, Venezuela. (Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_48 (700x614, 412Kb)
Borodastik Müller - one of the Taiwanese species of birds guarding its nest in Taipei. (Sam Yeh / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_49 (700x446, 148Kb)
The two-month doe named Manya looks out from his enclosure at the National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur.(Bazuki Muhammad / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_50 (700x461, 224Kb)
Golden Capuchin Nadu scratching his head at the zoo in Cologne. (Clemens Bilan / AFP / Getty Images)
Jiv_pl_51 (700x490, 238Kb)
Flamingo resting in the rain in his cage at the zoo Osnabrück. (David Hecker / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_52 (700x503, 217Kb)
Newborn lizard Komodo eats a grasshopper in a zoo in Rotterdam. For the Dutch zoo is the first time a large reptile reproduced offspring. (Marten Van Dijl / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_53 (700x466, 171Kb)
Barn owl has eaten chicken leg while relaxing on the International Day for the protection of birds of prey in Malta. (Darrin Zammit Lupi / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_54 (700x424, 269Kb)
Two grizzly fight hot day at the zoo of Madrid. (Laszlo Balogh / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_55 (700x408, 233Kb)
Hippo and her kids are resting in the zoo in Berlin. (Michael Gottschalk / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_56 (700x521, 180Kb)
Japanese white-eye sat on the branch of a flowering cherry tree in the National Garden in Tokyo. (Yuriko Nakao / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_57 (700x453, 195Kb)
Newborn Madagascar lemur tahini in a zoo in France. Around the world, these creatures in captivity just 17. (Jeff Pachoud / AFP / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_58 (700x448, 188Kb)
Tame golden eagle caught a hare on the traditional hunting competition near Karkaralinsk in Kazakhstan.(Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_59 (700x482, 310Kb)
Two lizards are fighting in a park in Ahmedabad. (Amit Dave / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_60 (700x468, 234Kb)
Mother kissing her baby in the aviary of the Munich zoo. (Michaela Rehle / Reuters)

Jiv_pl_61 (700x494, 257Kb)
Clouded leopard washes in a zoo in Prague Troy. (Michal Cizek / AFP / Getty Images

Jiv_pl_62 (700x510, 227Kb)
Bee sits on a flower in Ludwigsburg, Germany. (Thomas Kienzle / Associated Press)

Jiv_pl_63 (700x484, 286Kb)
Rare Asian lion cub and its mother Abi sit in the shade in their new enclosure at London Zoo. (Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Jiv_pl_64 (498x700, 267Kb)
The four South American sea lion plays in his enclosure at the zoo in Vienna. (Zoo Vienna / Daniel Zupanc / Reuters)
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Bird_25 (499x700, 222Kb)

Bird_26 (535x700, 186Kb)

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Bird_28 (700x472, 158Kb)

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