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UNDERWATER stores hoary Neptune, his possessions are boundless.Robert Lyn Nelson

UNDERWATER stores hoary Neptune, possession of his neobozrimy.Robert Lyn Nelson

You immense ocean
wave There is no limit to your tireless.
He left a trail here Cook and Magellan,
but never been Amerigo Vespucci. From the hot tropics to the cold and ice floes Spread azure given. Here sail pirate brigantines fluttered in the wind yours. And fiercely merry crew, when crying flew on board the ship, ready for battle swords, pistols. And sternly frowned captain. He lay before him the great ocean- Xin poured nearly a third of the planet.

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Taish a typhoon and a hurricane
is not predictable at times your whims
That voznesёsh from the depths of the volcano,
giving birth to chaos, multiple disasters. And sow the seeds of mortal life, on the banks of the desert throwing foam, changing the face of last ecumene, other tribes to come. That new life joyful germ stretched to the sky, the sun, to the east and in awe of his beam warmed. To sailor sail flying And in the ocean overcame everything and wild storms and gentle winds.

Blue spilled nearly a third of the planet,
Beyond the horizon somewhere coast,
under the canopy of wet age-old secrets
with Golden placers, diamonds, pearls. Scattered islands casually bloom in the splendor of nature. In the words of a prayer of thanks to you elevate, ocean, people. Who are you monster but, as someone God. That formidable, the green carpet lay calm indifferent giant. You are infinitely katish on the sand waves and aromas of distant countries, Taish a typhoon and a hurricane.

And a wild storm, winds and gentle
people through Bear blue sea.
In the depths of the waters anchored
battleships, gunboats and corvettes. adventurism spirit and daring spirit has long lived on the mast of the ship. And he is wandering through the months of Screams invitingly: Ahead of the earth !! hands on top ! Command is not necessary Sailors gulls as a reward.All the fun astern breaker. Left behind were given sea, but in the bosom of the waters, and in the age-old sadness UNDERWATER stores gray Neptune.

UNDERWATER stores hoary Neptune, possession of his neobozrimy.Robert Lyn Nelson
UNDERWATER stores gray Neptune.
Holds his boundless.
Treasure locks secret runes
are closed tightly in places inaccessible. Toryat their way mighty whales, lobsters are running, rushing bottlenose dolphins, flashed claws, gills and tails, Dive seals, seals and penguins. In all living things, causing horror and fear toothy terror in underwater heavenSoar stervyatniki- sharks, like vultures. Movement and paints full Neptune vast countrywhere mountain ranges, atolls, reefs.

Here ridges, atolls, reefs,
at the bottom of the remains of ancient ships.
These gracefully swim nymphs,
to rest on the feet of anchors. Transparent jellyfish clouds Under the arch of water in the flow slide And, moving lazily fins Sea eagle soars huge ramp. And rolls emerald Wave Oh!Ocean-wonderful country, where a lot of blue sky of stars and moons. Where maybe Sadko been visiting wonder world later he Phewa thy wonders under the roar of the strings.

Thy wonders under the roar of the strings
I somehow sang a sailor experienced
and voiced guitar missed
about those years when I was a heart young. He sang about the oceans, Pro fresh wind, tearing the sails, tells the story of star patterns, Shining in the southern sky. About how to remove from the earth, on the bottoms of ships grows Colony molluscs and polyps.About how about the great ocean, Pro miracles overseas distant countries Compose people fairy tales, songs, myths.

Compose the people tales, songs, myths.
They live in them Odysseus and Genghis - Khan,
Heroes of Troy, the Vikings and the Scythians,
Timur the Lame, the great Alexander. Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the young man exploits of Hercules, Theseus, in the boiling waves birthplace of Aphrodite, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Pharos Colosseum. Breath of death and birth cry, Gray sphinx indifferent face Stores rest of kings and pyramid. Pompeii death in a violent fire, history and myths of Atlantis solution in the azure waves.

Dissolved in the azure wave
and salt of the earth and juices mortal life
and death indifferently here ruled funeral feast,
taking the time in wet silence. Here year and age as a fleeting moment, And time runs slowly and gradually. Let changed the face of the planet Everything just roll waves consistently. And do not learn well understood Unique design of the Creator on the ocean this universe, where the light and the stars fly All devouring, multiply, rage Living broth create small

Living broth small creation
itself is a food for others.
As the stars in the sky as their myriad,
sand in the vast ocean. The beginning of the centuries lost track Carry your line through millions of years Fields plankton for whales and fish from the tropics to the ice and boulders. And , bubbles vzvivaya carousel plays incessantly Life hops into a tight ultramarine wave. So that in the light of the sun briefly otblistat, After inconspicuous silt become gloomy in the caves in the black depths.

In the darkest caves, in the black depths
not find coral and plants
and only ghosts in the dead silence
Flashed someone gloomy shadows. Everything is flattened under the weight of water in the world, and the blind darkness all life. Only Worms endless passages in the bottom mud careless digging. And the Sun beam here lacks, and into the abyss never zaglyanёtfrom the Creation casual visitor. In the wrong world where darkness hung, in caves, hiding powerful body monsters live his life a secret.

Wild Things by his secret life
and in ancient tales and in other worlds,
and in the ocean and in the disturbing dreams
to us, coming from a virtual given. Fearing chimeras of primeval darkness Their appearance, inflamed the minds, it was told to us through the barriers of time From Places inhabited by snakes and dragons. And let open Atom secrets for them on our small planet still remain secret places. And these places we are afraid sometimes, there monsters still digging caves Caves terrible; in their horror and darkness.

Caves strashnye- them horror and emptiness.
And, as if the stone guards mouth
in a silent threat stalactites teeth,
bared his teeth, as in the mouth poisonous. Almost motionless is the realm of decay. It is not often come changes when from the depths of deaf izvergnuv moan suddenly wake up underground King Pluto. And vskolyhnёtsya and stir from his regal gesture of the right hand in the depths of gaping emptiness. And it is a haven of life strange creatures of the ocean depths of the cave opened as hell gates.

Opened the gates of hell as
Volcano crater. In fiery fractures
and cracks in, and trembling slopes of
the earth's lava spilled blood. And the smell of sulfur is worn around Heavenly rockfall and ash fluff. It was as if the devil tube lit from the Mariana Trench to the Kuriles. Still shaking in a frenzied fun Volcanoes fire necklace assumes disaster and destruction of the country.And huge waves rolling on the ocean terrible tsunami. Great and immense ocean.

You immense Pacific Ocean
Blue poured nearly a third of the planet
Taish a typhoon and a hurricane,
 and the wild storm, and gentle winds. UNDERWATER stores gray Neptune. There ridges, atolls, reefs thy wonders under the roar of strings Compose people stories, songs, myths.The solution in the azure wave Living broth small creatures. In the darkest caves, in the depths of the black monsters live his life a secret. Caves terrible in them horror and darkness opened the gates of hell like.

© Copyright: Sergey Doubtsov 2011
Certificate publication №111052206575
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