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The northern white rhinoceros (subspecies of white rhino), accompanied by his bodyguards. Total left in the world 4 individuals.

The northern white rhinos living in the Congo, are considered an endangered species. According to many scientists, threatens their survival. In this case, the responsibility for their extermination lies not only on the poachers, but also politicians. Defenders of Wildlife is considered the northern white rhinos exterminated most large mammals on Earth. Currently in the wild it remained little more than a dozen individuals. It is believed that in addition to the rhinos, which are contained in the San Diego Zoo and the Czech Republic, all other representatives of this rare species found only in one place - in Garamba National Park. This park is located on the border with Sudan and is a hill covered with lush tropical vegetation, where a lot of not only wild animals, but also people with guns.

The direct perpetrators of the disappearance of this kind of environmental organizations called poachers among Arab rebels marauding in the Sudanese villages on the plateau of Darfur. Rebels do not attack people, they are only interested in money. They secretly cross the border, killing elephants and rhinos, and take with them only the tusks and horns, throwing animal carcasses. Confront these people ready to part with everyone who will be on their way, it was very difficult. However, the most serious threat to rhinos is a factor of the policy - the growing nationalism of the Congolese, which undermines efforts to maintain the population.
To save the endangered rhinos Protection Fund suggest to carry the remaining animals in Kenya, where they will be safe. The plan provoked a strong resentment. His opponents accused the defenders of animals in colonialism, finding an analogy in the past when the Europeans exported from Congo plunder the country's wealth. Rumors spread that the foreigners by giving bribes to corrupt officials, buying at low prices rhinos and secretly trafficked abroad. One newspaper published in the capital, Kinshasa, Congo, Western environmentalists called modern poachers. Congolese politicians have turned white rhino in a symbol of national pride, which should be beyond the reach of "western exploiters." White Rhino (Latin name Ceratotherium simum) is the second largest terrestrial mammal after the elephant. Its weight can reach 2700 kg. According to scientists, they are called white, not because they have such a color. The name comes from the word weit (consonant English word white, really means white), which in Afrikaans means wide. This word is used to describe a wide mouth rhino. "Sadly, if the cause of the extinction of the rhino will policy", - says Emmanuel de Merode, who headed the project of the European Union before it was discontinued.

Fatou - in 2009, one of the eight northern white rhinos that exist in the world - rests in a cage at the zoo in Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic December 17. Three days later, the female and three rhino will be sent to Kenya to begin a program of recovery of the animal susceptible to extinction. The four were in a zoo in the 1960s in an attempt to establish an African safari park. Relatively cool climate saying that the animals spend most of their time on the concrete floor of cells. Then, no one expected that these four will be one of the last white rhinos on the planet. (Ami Vitale / for

White Rhinoceros - Ceratotherium simum. The length of its body 2.5-4 m height at the withers of 1-2 meters, weigh up to 3 tons, sometimes more.Build a massive rhino skin is thick, almost devoid of hair. On the bridge of the nose and horns are 1-2, one behind the other; their base is thickened and keratinized skin. Canines are reduced, cutters sometimes absent. The neck is short, the back is concave, pendulous abdomen, a sharp ridge. The massive body rhino resting on short three-toed feet.
At the ends of the fingers hooves from which the average largest. Hearing and sense of smell rhinos are well developed, weak eyesight. Despite the bulky physique, rhinos can run for short distances is very fast (up to 40-45 km / h). Have irritable angry temper. Common in Southeast Asia and Africa. They live in tropical forests, savannas, coastal thickets, swamps. They feed on grass rhinos, shoots and foliage shrubs. Hold often in pairs, sometimes in small groups. Conducted primarily nocturnal. Mating in November and December. Pregnancy 17-18 months. The female brings one cub, which weighs about 25 kg. Rhinos edible meat, leather is used for a variety of handicrafts, horns credited with healing properties (for them to hunt rhinos). Throughout much decimated and are protected.

But you remember not so long ago in the National Park Galapagos Islands suffered a great loss - died Lonesome George, the last male in the world , belong to the subspecies Abingdonskaya Galápagos tortoise.

Edwin Naula , the head of the Galapagos National Park, "George found the morning staff member who was involved in caring for the animals.Apparently, the life cycle of individuals came to an end. " While the cause of death is not known, but veterinarians working on the islands, are planning an autopsy to find out from which dead reptile. George was found in the north of the Galapagos archipelago in 1972 and named in honor of American actor George tapestry. Turtle soon became a legend of the Galapagos Islands, and one of their characters. George became famous not only because of the huge size, but also because it was the last representative of this subspecies. Scientists have made ​​several attempts to cross it with females of other turtles, but each time to no avail. According to various estimates, George was 60 to 90 years, but the life expectancy of the representatives of this type may exceed 150 years,

And probably many more such examples ...

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