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Most peace-loving breed of dog 

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in the s not a cat lover , or just like a baby from the works of Astrid Lindgren, you have a secret wish to have a dog, and you still undecided? Classrooms are many breeds, all of them are multi-faceted as the people are all different and require special treatment. Someone wants reliable protector, someone clever neighbor, someone toy merry-mohnatushku. However, there is a selection criterion, which is the most common, especially when the dog decided to have a family people, with the child. Of course, fear for their child is, and time, in order to raise the dog properly and drilled her character endless training and socializing - not, as often happens. So, let's look at the top of the most peace-loving dogs.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever holds the primacy among the most docile nature. It has excellent characteristics, not in vain, he served in various security agencies and that his advice to the blind, as the best guide. As you can imagine, a nurse from the retriever is excellent. If properly house trained him, he will be able to follow the child, not to let him out of a certain area, wear him things, and almost let him twist in the rope, no snapping back. Also Retrievers are known for their good memory if you punish the dog for some offense, he postponed it for very long, as well as promotion for any right of action, so to bring the dog will be relatively easy. 2. Bernard If you want to get hold of at home dog with a noble knight's heart - the St. Bernard is the best choice.Silent, proud and calm, they will not bother, bark and no reason to rush. These dogs never throw the first, but you will defend to the last breath. Despite the fact that it is about these dogs was removed popular movie Beethoven, St. Bernard not mischievous such as shown in the film. They are well-trained, disciplined, excellent hunters and guard. 3. Newfoundland As the great classics: "My grandmother had sinned with diver" ... yes, indeed since the days of tsarist Russia Newfoundlands were at a premium - they fearless marine rescuers, cargo carriers, good-natured friends and completely devoid of aggression. Newfoundland dog is not recommended to keep as watchman - even on the most aggressive human friendly dog will wag its tail, which is why non-small-sized dogs of this breed are left with the children, give the weak and defenseless girl, and just like for fun and docile nature. 4. Collie Scottish shepherd dogs other than guide dogs and caring friends. They have long been accustomed to look after the sheep, and aggression and leadership, as in other protected species have not been identified. This dog loves the constant presence of a person and a big minus - if you are often absent. So the presence of the child and the dog in this case is not a problem, and its solution. Collie, due to its fluffy and complaisance become a great friend in the games your child and yourself are alive with interest and participate in all the games that zateet your baby. 5. Dachshund charming Englishman with a sad look vseponimayuschim not as large as the previous dogs, but their appearance is capable of more than one pricked hard heart. Absolutely there is no evil and loves children and even cats, so your mustached-striped pet get along well on otlichnenko. Although sad views able to frolic gaily and chase for a walk or play tirelessly at home. The British have always valued loyal friends, so this dog is very affectionate and will long grieve without attention. 6. Laika (Husky, Malamute)Devotees and peace-loving dog holding peculiar superiority in intelligence among this list of what to say, if they allow themselves to go. Among dog handlers widely believed that huskies pick yourself one person as the owner, and the rest will just endure, but other breeders believe that if the family will equally participate in the upbringing of the dog, then all it will be treated kindly and respectfully . Laika had no reason not to attack, bite, or even growl at your side.

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