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Beautiful birds! Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl.

This little bird mobile with scarlet plumage and black wings - one of the most recognizable symbols of the Hawaiian Islands.

Flight of black and scarlet Hawaiian flower on a background of lush green vegetation visible from afar, and her bent down dark red beak does not leave her no chance to be learned.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

This literally outstanding beak has long been a more decorative element than a necessity.

When a Hawaiian flower nectar fed bells, deftly wielding curved beak inside the flower, as if screwing into it.

A thin tube with fibers of language at the end helped to get a welcome treat from the bottom bud.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

In recent years, the bells began to meet less and less, and flower turned to other plants.

In search of flowering trees they fly long distances, gathering in flocks.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

Here and there, hear their perelivistye like flute, voice.

Occasionally Hawaiian flower diversify their menu spiders and bugs.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

More recently, a bright scarlet Hawaiian flower girls were to be found in all the wet forests of the island, but gradually they began to climb higher - at a height of over 1,250 meters.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

The reason was the avian malaria, which destroys the flower faster than lack of food.

Moreover, in the foothills of the wet flora is much richer, and hence, there is a good chance to regale your favorite bells.

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower girl (lat. Vestiaria coccinea)

Black and scarlet Hawaiian flower - the heroine of the local folklore, they are loved, admired.

But this does not prevent indigenous hunt for their colorful feathers to build from them capes and hats.

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Kvezal - it's a bird or a monetary unit?

In fact, the one and the other.

Just in Guatemala are so fond of this bright bird that not only put it on your national emblem, but even money after her call. Here's how!

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

And love her and really have something.

Quetzal, which is also called kvezal or kvezal - a bird with an interesting history and unusual character.

Its revered by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, who called kvezalya god of the air.

His long tail feathers are often used for various sacred ceremonies.

In this case, extracted them with all due respect: the bird gently caught, apologized to her, and taking the necessary feathers, set free.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

Otherwise, it can not, because kvezal - very freedom-loving bird.

Put him in a cell is doomed to inevitable destruction.

It is believed that these birds, if you deprive them will die of a broken heart.

Well, can not their little heart to cope with such a loss.

That is why the quetzal and became a symbol of Guatemala.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

These birds live freestyle in the cold mountain forests.

Their range stretched from Mexico to Panama.

In the dry season, rising to a height of three thousand meters, and during the rains descend to thousands.

See kvezalya easy.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

And not just because he lives in the tall trees, managing to find the hollow at a height of 50 meters and above, but also because most of these trees in South America is becoming less.

Merciless and reckless deforestation has led to what has become a very rare quetzal birds listed in the International Red Book.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

Of course, do not want to lose such an unusual bird representative of brotherhood.

Kvezal trough belongs to the family and is the largest member of the order trogonoobraznyh.

Body length including the tail of the male is 35 cm, with half of this figure accounted for a pair of long tail feathers.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

During the mating period, the upper body of the male is bright green.

In addition, the feathers on the back and wings become golden brown and begin to shine beautifully in the sun.

His head was decorated with a small tuft of hair, belly and undertail are saturated crimson.

The tail is white below, and the top is covered with two longest tail feathers bright green color.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

By the end of the breeding season the male gradually loses all its a great outfit.

But the female almost the entire year is the same.

She does not have a crest on the head and elegant tail feathers.

However, it is for the better, because otherwise she would have had to deal with the Aztecs, who want to get them for what some of their goals.

The upper part of her body, too green, but does not have a golden hue.

Bottom bird brown-brown, and the tail is covered with thin brown stripes.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

To attract the attention of a future partner, a male does in the air wide circles, uttering at the same loud sounds conscription.

Nest in the hollow of an old tree a couple builds together.

Then the birds hatch together and raising chicks.

Kvezal (lat. Pharomachrus mocinno)

It is interesting that almost all the time kvezal eats fruits lambing, which he loves so much that swallows whole.

Very rarely, perhaps only for a change, a bird eats insects, frogs, snails and lizards.

Have Quetzal and another curious feature: to move from branch to branch it makes jumping back.

Birds of paradise

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