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Most new species of wild cats is Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi). In 2006, scientists have shown that this form differs from the clouded leopard. They weigh up to 25kg.

The largest animal on the planet - the blue whale. Its length reaches 33 m, and weight - up to 190 tons.

Andean mountain cat

Sensational discovery was the presence of dolphins names by which they are distinguished colleagues. And each dolphin gets his name at birth. This was proved by experiments: the whistle on the recorded signal is the name that match the same dolphin.

Camel haircut

How old turtles live?

This we think turtles are very long-lived, but in reality it's not quite true. Only one species can live for more than 200 years - a giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. The average rate for all other species - 20 - 30 years. A red-eared sliders with proper care of them live on average 30 years.

Here's a fish caught in the river Volga in 1924
As a result of increased radiation at Fukushima-1 in Japan rabbit born without ears.
Saiga antelope, or is one of the oldest mammals in the world, living in the world together in a saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoth 250,000 years ago. Although at one time they were thought to be extinct, now they are often referred to not only as living fossils.
Red Sea - saltiest in the world. One liter of the Red Sea contains from 36 to 41 grams of salt, depending on which part of the sea. It is situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.
Giant crocodile, record-breaking giant crocodile Lolong reaches a length of 6.17 meters. He lives in captivity and is thus officially a huge crocodile, as announced by the Guinness Book of Records in July. The news of this reptile was one of the 10 most popular news this year , according to the publication National Geographic.

Walrus hiding his face in embarrassment when an employee of the zoo gives him a birthday cake made of fish, Norway.
If kangaroo senses danger, it jumps to the nearest body of water and gets into the water up to his chest. If the stalker thinks of approach, the animal grabs him with his little front paws and drowns - something like this, as it usually happens in the movies about the mafia.
There is a small mammal that can neutralize almost all poisons - even those that produce never met him critters. Someday people will learn to use this ability for medical purposes. Mammal, in question is called "possum".
No, this is not the eye of the dragon Smaug terrible, it's just eye non-toxic tropical frog Agalychnis callidryas, dwelling in Central America and the Caribbean.
This golden mesh covered her eyes while you sleep, to protect from light and give the opportunity to see the approaching danger.
Little sleeping otter.
In 2009, the Canadian naturalists found habitat purple owls! These owls are under the supervision of scientists to this day. 2012 purple owls left only 20 individuals.
One of samyx bolshix sobak in mipe - iplandcky volkodav.
Here is the blow off wheel in Alaska
Unusual haircut

The highest rate in water. The owner of this record - Gentoo penguin. Its speed in water is 36 km / h.
This - Harpy eagle. The largest eagle in the world.
Australian Pink flamingos nicknamed Greater was the oldest member of the order Flaminoobraznyh.Due to the age ailments, 83-year-old bird euthanized.
Amazing shot of a polar bear. Snapshot of Seattle photographer Paul Souders won the competition National Geographic Photo Contest 2013.

140-year-old mother-turtle with a 5-day cherepashonkom.
Queenie, the first elephant, water skiing, 1950
Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird, and generally living creature in the world. According to experts, a rapid dive flight it is capable of speeds in excess of 322 km / h or 90 m / s
Elephant drinking water. As a child, they do not know how to use for this trunk :)

A group of people in the Caribbean formed a human wall to help newborn sea turtles get to the water
On the ground they walk slowly, but quickly fly up to 70 km / h.
Modern marine art
Beluga draws intricate pattern in the aquarium in Tokyo.
Penguins can not fly, but can jump 2 meters!
White Kiwi - an extremely rare occurrence. Typically, the color of feathers kiwi varies from grayish brown to light brown. Survive in the wild too noticeable individual kiwi white unlikely to be able.
Cell death in Australia - entertainment for the brave, guaranteeing the release of a huge dose of adrenaline. Swimming in the same pool with a huge crocodile - it is something! However, despite the apparent dangers and risks, the attraction is safe for humans. The thickness of the cell wall is 4 cm - no matter how powerful and was no longer a crocodile, he will not be able to break through the thick layer of glass.
To produce 0.5 kg of honey, a bee hive from the need to fly to the flower, and then back to 10 million times.
Starfish - veterans of the seabed, they appeared more than 450 million years ago
Fenech - a tiny fox that lives in the deserts of North Africa
Giant huntsman spider. This giant tarantula can be found in Laos and it is much more than its Australian cousin. In general, living in caves
Waterslide, passing through the aquarium. That would be a ride, right?
Costa Rican fisherman Chito found in the jungles of the wounded in the eye of a crocodile.Fisherman plunged a huge five-meter reptile on the boat and took to his home. He called crocodile Pocho and othazhivali it for a few months. When Pocho finally recovered and gained strength, Chito released it into the wild in a lake near his home. However, instead of sail, the crocodile got out of the water and returned to Chito. Since then, a fisherman and a crocodile have been friends for many years until Pocho died.
This opossum night broke into a bakery and ate so much that I could not move anymore. So they found him in the morning bakery owners.
In 1995, under the Togliatti occurred car accident, as a result of which all men were killed, but he survived the dog, who was waiting for 7 years at the scene of their owners. In 2002 he died and residents of the city have put on the spot a bronze monument dedication.
Transparent fish.
In seahorses pregnancy - a man's job. Males carries and delivers about 200 fry for 72 hours.Then often lose color (which, in general, it is clear - there can be no color).
Dog tightrope walker
Border Collie Ozzy from England holds the record for the fastest Tightrope walking among dogs.3.5 meter rope dog overcome in just 18.22 seconds
Here is such a cat walking on the deck on the nuclear-powered cruiser "Peter the Great"
Cherepashonok albino
In Balinese monkey forest lives caring, which became a mother for the abandoned kitten
After the death of the parents of three orangutan fell into a severe depression, stopped eating and did not give even antidepressants. Veterinarians have already decided that he would die of boredom, one day the zoo was found in a nearby park old sick dog and brought it to the Veterinary Center Zoo. It was at this time there was an orangutan. So met "two loneliness" and now they are inseparable 24 hours a day. They live in Northern California and spend a lot of time in the pool. True orangutan little afraid of the water and the dog helps a friend to swim
Nicole Graham chose to remain in the dirt next to his horse bogged down in a swamp a few hours and kept her head above the water to the horse choked ... until you see the rescuers
The charming kid.
Japanese serow: The wolf and the goat in one guise
Four tigers. Pose: albino, white, gold and Bengali.
Hercules beetle weighs one hundred grams, and can lift up to eight pounds, that allows us to call it the most powerful animal in the world.
Cub Donkey
A pack of wolves, Canada
The Brothers
Digestive juices contain crocodiles as hydrochloric acid, it can dissolve the iron spearheads and steel hooks that crocodile swallowed
So sleep giraffes
27-year-old Boris the polar bear under anesthesia. He carried out a full medical examination before surgery, teeth and eyes in a veterinary clinic in the city of Tacoma, Washington.
Cats jaw only moves up and down. Jaw dogs - in all four directions.
Basenji - the world's only breed dogs that do not bark.
Kids monkey, Manchurian tiger and lion walk together in the zoo of the Chinese city of Shenyang.
The rarest breeds of dogs

In the world there are many unusual breeds of dogs, the representatives of which are not so easy to find in the yard or the park. Some of the species are on the verge of extinction, have the status of an exotic or just extremely rare.
You can appreciate 27 most unusual and unique breeds.

1.  The Tibetan Mastiff

In the past and even today these adorable fur balls are used for the protection of monasteries and households in Tibet. Thick wool and weighing 45 to 70 kg allow dogs of this breed survive the harsh winters of Central Asia.

2.  Dandy Dinmont Terrier

This cute breed was developed in Scotland during the 18th century and is a cross between a Skye Terrier and Scottish Terrier. Frisky dog ​​with short legs perfectly fulfills the duties for positions catcher badgers. At the moment, Dandie Dinmont Terriers are extremely rare: a year in clubs recorded a total of about a hundred representatives of the breed.

3.  Leonberger

This furry beast - a mixture of Newfoundland, St. Bernard Pyrenean Mountain Dog and. Leonberger males can weigh about 80 kg. According to legend, they were withdrawn such that resemble lions with the coat of arms of the city Lionberg in Germany. At the end of the Second World War the world had only eight of these lovely giants.

4.  The Portuguese Water Dog

This breed is known for its ability to perfectly curls and swim. Initially, these dogs were bred in Portugal and performed a number of important functions: look after fish in the networks, the state of gear, as well as served as couriers to deliver mail from ship to ship. In 1930 the breed was on the verge of extinction, while one wealthy Portuguese businessman has not started their breeding program.Nevertheless, to date, remains water dog an extremely rare.

5.  Small dog lion (lёvhen)

Lowchen translated from German as "young lion". This is one of the rarest species on the planet, and its history dates back to 1442. Elegant and devoted the lion dogs, constant companions of the elite of Germany and France, can often be seen on historical paintings and tapestries.

6.  Brussels Griffon (small Belgian dog)

This dog is a descendant of the Belgian small terriers, used to hunt rodents.Griffins affectionate, charming, inquisitive and is known for its almost human expression. World War II almost completely destroyed the breed and by the end of the Second World War in Belgium, there was not one such dog. Currently, this breed is considered to be extremely rare.

7.  New Guinea singing dog

Known as the "singing" or "dog of the Stone Age", this breed was in complete isolation for about 30 thousand years until it was discovered in the mountains of Papua New Guinea in 1950. As is clear from the title, these dogs love to sing, gathering in small flocks, they make these concerts, howling in different voices. Is a natural habitat, there are only about 100 animals dogs New Guinea. Since the domestication of this species has not yet been fully completed, these dogs are not recommended for living as a pet in the general population.

8.  Sholoittskuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

Three thousand years of history of the breed sholoittskuintli can be traced to the ancient civilizations of Mexico. Being tamed rather quickly and easily, hairless dogs have become a great companion to man in the hunt and the home. Lack of hair gives them an advantage for the existence in hot conditions, and the images of bald dogs are found in the works of art of the Aztecs and Toltecs.

9.  Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)

Wolfdog - breed as close as possible to the real wolf. These dogs were bred in 1955 as a result of crossbreeding German Shepherds and wolves. Being the same docile and friendly, as German Shepherds, Wolfdogs retained their wolf wildlife and feel like members of the pack.

10.  Bergamo Shepherd

Especially for herding fields in the Alps has been bred this breed, wherein a thick skin is not prone to moult and does not require special care. Bergamo Shepherd incredibly obedient, observant and patient. Selflessly devoted to his master, these impressive giants are sometimes very shy in the company of strangers.

11.  Small Petit Basset Griffon

Petit Basset last deserve the glory of French aristocrats great helper on the hunt.At present, the representatives of this breed is considered one of the best companions for humans. Incidentally, the length of the eccentric dogs 50% greater than their height.

12.  Lancashire Hiller

Seeing this charming beast, many may have guessed that he is mestizo Corgi and Manchester Terrier. Hiller has pronounced herding instincts, like their ancestors, but at least it is good and as a good family member.

13.  Moody

Rare Hungarian sheepdog Moody becomes a real treasure for any host. These dogs are extremely friendly, powerful, fast and smart. One of the notable features of the Moody is like their sheep wavy coat.

14.  Russian toy terrier

Until 1990, the Russian one was considered as an elite breed that its representatives do not even exported outside Russia. Having 20-25 cm at the withers and only 2-3 kilograms of weight, these graceful little creatures have a lean physique and a nice long curls behind the ears.

15.  Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you are concerned about the problems with bears, you'll definitely find yourself standing caucasian shepherd dog. With a weight of 50-90 kg, these giants have also remarkable intelligence that allows them to easily protect the herds and their owners in Georgia.

16.  The Swedish valhaund

The so-called "Viking Dog" exists in the world for more than a millennium.Originally valhaundov were trained to graze cattle in Scandinavia, fish parasites and keep the house, scaring intruders its deceptively fierce barking. Centuries of domestication have turned them into loving, affectionate dogs seeking human attention and praise.

17.  The Slovak sheepdog

Born defender and a shepherd, sheepdog Slovenian able to provide security for all living things that have been entrusted to guard him. Despite the relatively harmless form of "Fluffy", these dogs have extremely powerful muscular body.

18.  Neapolitan Mastiff

Do not pay attention to the ominous form mastiff - in fact, this dog is 70 kg of pure love. Representatives of the breed were discovered more than 2000 years ago, only one very small region of Campania, which is located in southern Italy.In the past - the heroes of the Roman arenas, mastiffs now serve in the police, army and intelligence, where they show themselves simply irreplaceable staff.

19.  Bedlington Terrier

No, not a lamb in front of you. Surprisingly, such a cute dog armed with incredibly powerful jaws serving them to hunt rodents and even fights with their neighbors. Before the dog fighting was outlawed are claimed, playboy beldingtonskie Terriers took active part in them. Now representatives of this breed tend to instill a little more friendly to other dogs, so each individual needs careful training.

20.  Bouvier des Flandres

Initially, this breed is output as a working dog for Belgian monks. Get more spread over time, Bouvier showed their hand in the service of a great man in the world wars, successfully finding the wounded and helping pull stalled ambulance.Legend has it that one of the dogs of this breed once bitten by Hitler.

21.  Otterhound

In the UK, the 19th century Otterhound actively used for hunting otters. Later, when the population of otters began to rapidly decline, the same was to happen with this breed. At the moment, in the world there are about 1000 individuals Otterhound.

22.  Catahoula Leopard Dog

The first breed, bred in North America, leopard, used for hunting and herding. As is clear from the title, their color is a "patchwork quilt" of the bright spots.Catahoula have a reputation for incredibly friendly creatures.

23.  The Swedish laphund

Laphundy shepherds duties performed in the vast Lapland for thousands of years, guarding the herds of deer. Now, this breed is extremely rare, for example, registered in the US about 5-10 such dogs.

24.  Saluki

Saluki - one of the oldest rocks on the planet. The history of these dogs are more than one thousand years. Their beauty was an object of veneration in ancient Egypt, and the Salukis-pets pharaohs were mummified in the pyramids together with the owners. In Muslim countries these dogs, unlike all the others of their relatives, have not received the status of "unclean animals."

25.  Karelian Bear Dog

In his native Finland this kind of hunting dogs is considered a national treasure.As the name implies, they are used to hunt bears. Their mission - to attract the attention of a wild animal, while it creeps up to the hunter. Raised Laika is a good friend of this man and loving family member.

26.  Katalburun

This unusual dog is little known outside of Turkey. Split nose, characteristic only for the three species in the world, makes katalburuna successful hunter.

27.  Chinese crested dog

On the body of the Chinese Crested is no hair, except for the feet, head and tail. But the lack of fluffy they more than compensate for its charm, agility and playfulness. These dogs are very well agree with people - especially children. In the cold and the hot season, it is important to provide for these exotic animals special conditions because they do not moult.
Fabulous birds from around the world

Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Amazing bird species, of which you have never even heard

Long-tailed widowbird
These South African bird got its name from the black color and a very long tail, which is developed in flight, like a ribbon. Tail males can reach 16 cm and is more than twice the length of their bodies. In contrast to males, females have a rather inconspicuous sand-black color. Males, especially during the breeding season, attracting attention for its beautiful plumage.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Splendid fairywren
During the breeding season males have a blue color. At other times of the year their plumage, they do not differ from females. The upper part of the body becomes a pale brown color, and the bottom - white, but the tail and wings are blue. With regard to relations between individuals of different sexes, they are very peculiar. Despite the fact that these birds are essentially monogamous, and even form a pair, they still are promiscuous, mating with other individuals. At the same time they assist in the education of juveniles, which appear as a result of such meetings. To attract the attention of females, males tear bright flower petals and display them to females.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Royal Mukhoed
There are 4 types of royal Mukhoed and each of them has a crest resembling a fan: a kind of "crown", which, however, can be seen only in the female during courtship and during the competition with other males.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Scaly bird of paradise
They live in the forests of New Guinea. When this type of birds was first introduced to Europe, people have decided that they are not real. The whole point is unusual feathers that adorn the heads of males. These birds are inherently singly and never form a pair. Thus, raising chicks takes place without any involvement on the part of the male.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Many people believe that this is the most beautiful birds in the world. Quetzal - the national bird of Guatemala, and even currency in this country bears her name. Once upon a time the Mayans worshiped this bird, considering it sacred. Their feathers were almost priceless, and wear them as jewelry authorized only chiefs and priests.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Lilac-breasted roller
This bird got its name from the spectacular courtship the female in flight, during which the male, rising to a considerable height, circling at high speed rushes into the water, while uttering loud sounds. They live in savannas and agricultural areas in eastern and southern Africa.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Inca tern
These stunning sea birds build their nests with a mustache on the rocky coasts of Chile and Peru.Interestingly, the Inca tern, with quite expressive appearance, also notable for its singing. Birds make sounds that resemble cat's meow. These members of the family eat Tern fish. Are threatened with extinction.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Curled Aracari
This bird belongs to the family Toucan got its name because of the feathers on the head. They twisted like ribbons on a packed gift.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Red-necked tanager
There are three subspecies of these birds, which differ primarily in the feathers of the neck and head. They live in low-lying areas of tropical forests in the eastern part of South America. Hold, usually in pairs or in groups. In their diet includes fruits, however, when the fruit is not enough, they will not miss the opportunity to feast on insects.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Wilson's bird-of-paradise
This is another magnificent bird, which can be easily recognized by scrolling on the tail feathers and a unique color. "Crown" turquoise color of the male - in fact, not feathers, and the area of bare skin.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Guianan cock-of-the-rock
Wreath in a semicircle on the head of these birds is formed by two rows of feathers. He is always visible and does not disappear after the mating season, as often happens in other species of birds.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Purple-crowned fairywren
Their singing is different from other singing malyurov because it sounds at lower frequencies, and executed, as a rule, a duet.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Livingstone Turaco
These birds belong to the family Turaco, which literally means "bananoedy." Despite the name, they do not eat bananas.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Brilliant kotinga
This species of birds with bright turquoise blue color of lives in the tropical forests of the Amazon.They usually are quiet if not bother predators. But, as it usually happens in the world of birds, females are less fortunate: they have a gray-brown color with dark spots.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Bare-throated bellbird
Bare-throated bellbird Atlantichesih lives in the forests of South America and has one of the loudest voices.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Malabar pied hornbill
This bird is easily recognized by its distinctive "helmet" on the beak. Indigenous tribes of central India believed that the skull hornbill brings wealth.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Collared trogon
Trogona of this type can be found on the island of Borneo. They live in pairs or one by one, and nest in tree hollows. Interesting fact: collared trogony have a habit of sitting still for a long time, jumping up from their seats just to grab an insect or disrupt the berry. Are threatened with extinction.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Momot sinebrovy
Momot They live in Central America. They are not born with the specific to their family rackets.Feathers weakly attached to the body and as they grow older fall.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Malaysian sinehvostaya Pete
is one of three species Banded Pitta, which previously attributed to the same species. However, they were separated by external and vocal differences.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
White-throated kingfisher
Alcyone building a nest in tunnels on the steep banks of the rivers and the edges of roads, digging a hole depth of 50 cm. of food sources are insects, rodents, fish, snails and even songbirds.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Purple Gallinule
Meet the mullet can be in the southeast United States, in the central and northern South America. This species inhabits in marshes with dense vegetation.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Gorgeous Ribbon-tailed astrapia
This is one of 41 species of birds of paradise, which can be found only in the mountains of New Guinea.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
world's only mountain parrots can be found on the southern island of New Zealand. These large birds are known for their intelligence and curiosity.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
South American night heron
, you can easily learn the South American night heron and white plumage, black cap on his head and a bright blue beak. However, you can hardly hear them, as the cries of them very quiet.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Twelve-wired bird-of-paradise
These birds inhabit the eastern and western coasts of New Guinea and the islands of Salavat, where settle mainly in mountainous areas, live in families or packs. In order to attract a female, the males dance and comb them with their 12 lateral feathers resembling wire. They feed on sap colors such as, for example, the sago palm or Pisang.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
Horned Hummingbird
Hummingbird of this kind can be found in South America. Only the males have bright "horn", shimmering in different colors.
Birds, descended from the pages of fairy tales birds, amazing, beautiful
EVERYTHING about cats and cats. 

Anyone who lives at home cat will tell you that they give a lot of heat and make the house more comfortable, but now there is scientific proof that cats can make your life better. 

1. Cats wonderful therapists  

In difficult times, such as the loss of a loved one or divorce, the cat may have a strong support to its owner.
Cat will help to overcome the loss and even physical symptoms will ease the pain. As much as it may sound funny, but talking to the cat, you can get support from her, she will not judge and criticize you, but just utknetsya warm you in the palm of his forehead. 

2. Owners of cats are smarter than dog owners 

Scientists from the University Kerrolovskogo in the US confirmed that cat owners were more intelligent dog owners. Perhaps this is due to the fact that cats as pets more closed choose people who will sit better at home and read a book than go to a noisy party. 

3. Cats reduce the risk of heart attack 

10-year study at the University of Minnesota found that the overall reduction in stress levels among cat owners reduces the risk of heart attack by 40%.

4. Cats - a great companion 

It used to be that the dog is man's best friend. But this is not the case, especially when it comes to women. The Swiss study showed that the feeling of happiness and friendship, which comes from a cat in the house similar to those sensations which gives a romantic partner. 

5. Owners of cats are more open, sensitive and prone to break the rules than dog owners 

Scientists from the San Francisco found that people who choose yourself as a pet cat has a different personality type than those who choose dogs. Cat owners were more open, more sensitive and more likely to nonconformists.

6. Cats can become good friends for the children and help them develop 

When conducted studies of children who live at home cat, then 81% of children said they prefer to speak with a cat on his feelings, and not with their parents and friends.Approximately 87% of children referred to the cat as a close friend. 

7. Children whose home lives a cat, less miss school.

Children whose home lives a cat, miss school less than 9 days per year than those who do not have pets. This is because the children living in the same room with the cats, have a stronger immune system and a more stable psyche. 

8. Cats can help lower cholesterol 

And not just because the cat will eat with pleasure your pizza. Canadian scientists believe that a cat can help reduce chemical compounds called triglycerides, which affects high cholesterol.
But the presence of house cats should not be invoked as a justification of what you eat fast food and spend all my free time on the couch. 

9. Cats help cure depression 

Love cats unconditional, and that this love has led scientists to believe that a cat can help cure as moderate and severe depression. The realization that someone, even a cat, loves you and needs you, helps to cope with depression. 

10. Cats can help children with autism

A study conducted at the University of Queensland found that autistic children who have a cat, it's easier to learn to speak, to focus on their faces and smile, than children who have been deprived of such contact.
Gentle, closed nature of cats is more suitable for children - autistic than overly energetic disposition dogs. 

11. Caring for cat hair makes you happier 

Caring for cat hair increases the level of oxytocin in humans. Oxytocin stimulates the production of endorphins, causing a feeling of happiness.

12. A cat's purr has beneficial effects on our nervous system 

Cats purring in the range of 20 - 140 Hz, which is known to be medically useful for the treatment of certain diseases. Cat murchanie help reduce stress, reduce the symptoms of shortness of breath, to help in the healing of bone and soft tissue, as well as lower blood pressure.

13. Cats reduce stress levels 

At the University of Missouri have shown that the presence of the cat helps reduce stress in humans. The study included 240 married couples, to whom put obviously impracticable task, and then use the system tests measured the levels of stress. For those couples who have had a cat, stress level was much lower. 

14. Women believe that men who have cats, more attractive 

Studies have shown that 90% of single women think that a man who has a cat, more attractive than the one with the cat no. So make your conclusions.  

15. Having the house cats reduces the risk of allergies and asthma in children 

Children who from an early age live with cats, may receive immunity to asthma. Studies have shown that some of these children develop specific antibodies to prevent the development of disease. 

16. The owners of cats are less likely to get a stroke

While scientists have found the cause of the owners of cats are less likely to earn a stroke, we all know that if a cat can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the effects of stress, it becomes clear why we are less prone to strokes. 

17. Owners of cats better than other people's feelings 

Children who grow up with cats better understanding of what people think and feel other people. Ability to empathize and care for others who teach children, helping them to build relationships with their peers and with adults. 

18. Cats help their owners to recover faster after a breakup 

In an experiment at the University of Miami researchers asked a group of students to write down memories when they sever relations or throwing their partners. Then asked to write about a favorite animal and best friend. In the end, it turned out that the idea of ​​love animals also help to relieve stress and get rid of unpleasant memories, and thoughts about how best friend. 

19. Males help care for those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease 

The cat in the house Alzheimer's disease patients helps repay their flash of anxiety. As a pet cat in such patients is better that require less care than a dog. 

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