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Amazing Facts About Our Planet Animals

Horses - the only kind of modern equine equines squad. The horse, of course, a very beautiful and graceful animal. Endurance, speed of movement and high ability to make useful performance horse versatile working animals and allow use in agriculture and other industries, as well as in the military and for the purposes of sport.
Interesting facts about horses
Appeared 60 million years ago, zoologists first horse named Eogippus (Dawn Horse). She was tiny: the weight of a little over 5 pounds and rising 35 cm. Eogippusa had four toes on the front feet and three on the rear.
Interesting facts about horses
An indicator of the age of the horses are her teeth. St Jerome in the 4th century, which never took money for his books, has launched a turnover famous expression, I do not advise to inspect the teeth brought a gift horse.
Interesting facts about horses
Although horses mostly live only 25-30 years, there is written evidence that one of them lived in '62. It was "Old Billy", who was born in England and was draft horses.The first year of life of the horse can be compared with 12 years of human life, the second - comparable to 7 years. The next three years are still twelve, and to each subsequent year, you can add 2.5 human years. This means that in terms of this Old Billy lived 173.5 years.
Interesting facts about horses
Horse eye longer than most other animals, and they can move independently of each other, allowing only the surface cover horse panorama. Since the lens remains unchanged horse can concentrate on, only turning his head so that the direct rays of light falls on the central part of the retina. Horses are also visible in color.
Interesting facts about horses
The hoof of a horse - this is an extremely complex and sensitive organ. When the horse's weight presses on the hoof, the blood of it is forced up through the veins.Thus, the hoof plays a role of the circulating pump.
Interesting facts about horses
Horses have a belt around their strong muscles of the esophagus. This belt is so strong that her stomach will burst soon, before the horse vomit.
Interesting facts about horses
In America, there are many "crazy" horse-laws, including one of the laws of the State of Utah, according to which an unmarried woman may be imprisoned for a ride on horseback on Sunday. And in some states, new husband can not ride a horse alone, as long as it will not be married for more than twelve months.
Interesting facts about horses
The horse has five highly developed senses: taste, touch, hearing, sense of smell and sight. They also have the mysterious sixth sense, enhanced susceptibility, which is very rare in people.
Interesting facts about horses
In the world there are about 160 express species and breeds of horses, but the breed Arabian horses is very clean and unique.
Interesting facts about horses
Below is a selection of photos of beautiful girls with horses. These photos can also be used as wallpaper for your desktop.
Shepherd and cheetahs - best friends 

In the San Diego Zoo you can look for cheetahs, and next to them can see the dogs

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Amazing facts about cats ...

What would we not fond of today, all of us share a love for our pets, which are not only the subject of our special pride and care. Have a cat at home has always been considered good luck.So if you want to live happily ever after, just get yourself a cat and luck will not leave you!
Some facts about cats:
1. In total there are 33 major feline breed. A number of domestic cats in the world reached 500 million. 2. The average cat weighs about five pounds, but the cat breed Singapore - just a little over two pounds. 3.Samymi small cats are considered representatives of the Indian red spotted breed cats living in Sri Lanka. Their weight does not exceed one and a half pounds, and the size - about 15 inches. 4. If the cat is standing next to you with a raised tube and slightly quivering tail - an expression of her love for you. 5. Cats tail waving in the case where it can not make a choice, or can not something solved. 6. Pleasure cats often rastopyrivat fingers, releasing and retracting claws. 7.Domashnie cats to each other do not communicate via meow. This "language" they use exclusively for communicating with people. 8. During his life, the cat can bring up hundreds of kittens. 9. In the fifties of the last century in Texas cat named Dusty set the record for fertility - for his long life from him was born more than 400 kittens. The latter kittens were born from him, when he was already more than 18 years. 10. Age correlates with human cat like this: When a cat 3 years - this corresponds to approximately 21 human, when 8 years old - 40 human years and 14 years - 70 human years. 11. One cat has lived in Argentina for six years on the tree where brought several litters of kittens. 12. Body temperature in cats is almost the same as in humans - 38 degrees. 13. People who have a cat at home are less prone to heart attacks and on average live longer than those who do not have a cat. 14. Cats hate the smell of citrus.It is used to create tools, discourage crap in certain places, or sharpen claws. 15. The more you talk to the cat, the more she talks to you. 16. Whiskers help the cat not only to determine - whether it crawl through the hole, and orient themselves in space in general, and to obtain information about the temperature, wind direction and other environmental parameters. 17. If the cat is protected - it presses ears to the head, and when attacked - ears spreads to the sides for greater deterrence. 18. Cats have paranormal abilities, anticipating trouble before it happens - they are anticipating earthquakes, fires, floods and other natural disasters. 19. If the cat hisses at the man who came to your house - the man set to you unkindly, but if caressing him - a man who has come to you, has good intentions and wishes you well. 20. Places where the cat likes to sleep, usually unfavorable for the person and should not be selected for installation bed or chair.21. If the cat to clean - for the early guests, and if curled up, hiding his nose tail - cold. Source:

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