Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When it comes to the "home feathered pet," the first thing we often remember the budgerigar. Indeed, this little charming, easy to handle a bird, is often the favorite of the whole family. Budgie is ideal for keeping at home - is social, it is extremely easy to tame, loves to chat with a person amenable to learning (able to pronounce words and sounds). The average life expectancy of 10 years, budgerigar, some individuals live to 25 years. interesting feature of the males have budgies: they have a portion of feathers on the forehead, under the action of ultraviolet fluorescence that a person can be clearly observed only in the dark. In the wild parrots see it glow in the afternoon and it is an important consideration when selecting a partner during the breeding season. Homeland budgies - Australia. South-East and South-West of the continent are home to large populations of these birds. budgerigar body length is 17-20 cm., wing - to 9 cm. tail length can be up to half the length of the body - at the expense of the bird seems larger. For its size, wavy parrot looks like lovebirds. plumage budgies extraordinarily diverse. It can be almost all colors: green, white, yellow, blue, blue. All these colors are complemented by splashes of contrasting colors - black, blue, gray.Nature has blessed budgies all variety of colors! first time in Europe budgerigars were introduced in the mid-19th century. Presumably this is done D. Gould, he has created a detailed description of lifestyle budgies in the wild. The first description of this species was made ​​by a couple of decades earlier - in 1805 by the English scientist-practitioner D. Shaw. Parrots have quickly become popular with Europeans. By 1860 budgerigars ceased to be "exclusive", their price has become more accessible, they were able to acquire not only the wealthy. Also by this time, almost all the zoos in Europe got their representatives of this species in large numbers. Probably many of us have lived or live in a budgies ... I also lived, when my daughter was small ... Of course concerns with him there were a lot, but also joy - the sea! They were parrots. But we want to show and more! Photography Contest with "Bird-talker" c Yandex

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