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It turns out that people can not live without ... bees!

Since 2006, the world began to die en masse bees. Every winter in the United States die out 30-35% of bee colonies, although usually the cold season can not survive with only 10%. In Europe annually lose 20% of bees. A similar trend is observed in Latin America and Asia. What is the situation in the Ukraine?
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"Bees are dying for many reasons - said the head of the community," Honey Dew "Vitaly Whip. - Summary - is that plants treated with "chemistry" - the immune system of bees is becoming weaker, they start to hurt. Secondly, in the markets, there are many counterfeit materials for beekeepers: they think that buying honeycombs, but in reality it is not combs, and introducing poison into the hives. The third problem - overlapping to mobile networks. When near the three mobile platforms, bees lose their orientation. Usually they navigate by the sun, but this radiation can not figure out where it is. "
In Germany, France and Italy, some types of pesticides already banned in Britain engaged in the revision of the rules of the use of pesticides - found that they can impair memory and immunity bees.
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"Two hundred years ago on the territory of Ukraine was about 15 million bee colonies, 10 million. Were wild - living in forests, parks, gardens, - continues beekeeper. - Now, when there was their number one enemy - tick, wild bees almost gone. If they are not processed by the parasite, then within a year or two they will die. Bees now live where there are beekeepers. In my family apiary long time (it is more than sixty years), and this year it was first flown three strangers digging and settled in the empty hives. I concluded that the bees seek refuge in humans. If they had fled and settled in the territory, but now they need the protection of a beekeeper. This is a warning to mankind - it is impossible to destroy the environment! "
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Albert Einstein believed that if bees die out, then four years after that, and people will die, because these insects are directly involved in the pollination of the most common crops and edible plants. "An old legend that beekeepers told from generation to generation, is: bee given to man to accompany him through life - to help", - says Vitali Whip.
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Bees - amazing hardworking creation, which is often taken as an example not only for children but also for adults.Honey - one of the most useful natural products that can serve not only as a preventive measure, but also medicine.And among other things - is the most delicious treat that you can imagine. Sweet tooth around the world are preparing to use its pastries, pickles, desserts, and eat a bit of sugar with rolls, cheese and pancakes. Any diet that suggests limiting sugar in the diet or on anything, even the most inveterate sweet tooth, if in stock they have a jar of honey. No wonder Winnie the Pooh honey proclaimed "the best gift" - it is delicious and healthy at the same time. And thank you for it, you must say small, unprepossessing little bee who work all day long, without putting feet and wings that someone could early morning dip in the hot pancake transparent amber "drink of the gods."
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"90% of the plant world is pollinated by bees, - explains Mr. Vitaly. - If people lose bees, yields will decrease by three to four times. Bees are an indicator of pollution territory - first take the brunt. Bees die - so people will not last long. "
According to Vitaly Knuth, in recent years in Ukraine wishing to engage in beekeeping is becoming smaller. "Novice beekeepers immediately want to make a profit, but it does not happen - he says. - In order to earn something on bee products, you need to have at least 50 bee colonies. To breed such apiary, you work hard and invest a lot of money.The development of this case, the State does not allocate a penny. "
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Interesting to know
Thanks to pollination by insects grow crops that provide one-third of the total food resources of mankind, experts estimate. In this case, 80-90% of the pollination is done by bees is: butterfly can not handle large areas. These crops provide 35% of calories coming into your body, as well as most of the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Without pollinating insects will not grow nuts, melons and berries. Insects help pollinate citrus fruits, apples, onions, broccoli, squash (including zucchini), beans, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, faba bean, coffee, cocoa, avocado and coconut. The production of these crops is among the most valuable segments of the global food industry.

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