Saturday, November 5, 2016


Detained in port Supabai Indonesia kontpabandicty transported 24 zheltohohlyh kakadu in plactikovyh bottles.
We value would pogpanichnikam ne udaloc obnapuzhit smuggling pedkih birds would ppodali nA chepnom pynke at $ 1,000 per kazhdogo. Neizvectno whether vce birds survived. Zheltohohlye kakadu, kotopye zaneceny in peectp Mezhdunapodnogo coyuza ohpany ppipody and ppipodnyh pecupcov, are threatened with extinction. Vinoy tomu vypubka lecov and bpakonepctvo.
The police are the head of a Bengal tiger in India's Nagpur. According to police, two poachers were arrested by the airport, he had with him and the head of a tiger skin.
Newborn baby pangolin in the cell during the Bangkok press conference. The customs authorities of Thailand have found 175 pangolins in the back of a truck en route to Bangkok. 
On China and the Russian border in Manchuria customs officers detained two Russian citizens who were trying to carry across the border 213 bear paws, hidden in old car tires. According to rough estimates, poachers deprived life of not less than fifty-four bears. Hunters hoped for a good profit. In China, per kilogram of delicious bear paws can be sold for $ 800. 
Customs officials in El Salvador have discovered more than 90 turtles, monkeys and parrots were placed smugglers in plastic bags in a dumpster.
smugglers with long-tailed macaques truck, en route from Vietnam to China, was detained in the city of Changsha County, Hunan Province.
Chinese customs officers checked 645 wolf skins contraband seized at the international airport of Beijing.It is the largest party of the skins for a few decades.
A pair of young spider monkey sitting in a hammock in the Federal Center of Wildlife in Mexico City. The animals were found in a bag at the station. Several other obzyan that kontranadist baggage with them, died.
Police in Indonesia Denpasar foiled an attempt to smuggle 70 green turtles that were to be eaten by restaurant patrons. 
The arrested poacher near dead pangolin in Guangzhou, China. Pangolins are endangered, but they are still in demand in China, where the meat is a delicacy, and is believed to have medicinal properties.
German customs holds polar bear's head, which, together with the skin, tried to smuggle into Germany from Norway.
Hatchling sea crocodile seized along with 27 other reptiles from smugglers in Indonesia.
Collection Service confiscated in the protection of fish and wildlife resources of the USA (Wildlife Service Repository) in Colorado.
Confiscated black bear claws and jewels from them in the Wildlife Service Repository.
The confiscated from poachers coyote in the aviary of the Federal Biodiversity Conservation Center in Mexico City. This coyote, among other animals was the victim of the illegal trade in animals. Each year, employees of the organization free from the hands of traders thousands of animals.
African Grey parrots, the saved from the clutches of smugglers, transported to the Education Centre Uganda Wildlife.
Seized from poachers coati in the aviary of the Federal Biodiversity Conservation Center in Mexico City.

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This is really sad it happen also to some of the most venomous african snakes

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