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The True Story Of The Day About Dog and Cats

This story took place in the beginning of the last century. Maybe this happened before or after this incident, but I do nothing about it known. Of course, I was not an eyewitness to the story about the dog, and came across a short note describing the amazing event, in old newspapers ...

Two of the kennel 

canine concepts dog, about which will be discussed and lived pretty well as she could remember from puppyhood. For two with the owner they had kennel, who served at any time shelter and protect them from the weather. The owner was the owner, he knew when and where to go to get food. The dog seemed to go out of the kennel only need about this. And the dog obediently followed his master.

The owner was still strong man, of the peasants, but lazy and unwilling to engage in some craft. Kennel he shot in the backyard of the janitor, paying her pennies, which was served to him on the steps of the church. Begging provided to the owner and his dog tolerable existence. 

In the doghouse was the couch, covered with rags and take up all the room in addition to it is located in one corner of the rickety stool used as a table, another was thrown into an old coat, which snuggles dog. Did the dog nickname - is unknown, but the call of the host responded. For all other citizens of this town, it was just a  dog .

The town was small, and he was attached as a side at a distance from the main road. Households and residents were not very many, and all know each other and all the buzz about each other nothing else to do. And like any self-respecting town of central Russia, the town had a church with a bell tower. Church with a wide porch was not very high, but not low, it satisfies the religious needs of local residents. She was surrounded by lime trees, and in front of the porch a short distance was green lawn planted with bushes all who willingly attended the four-legged. 

It was then, on the porch, every day could be seen among the few poor old man with a black dog, of course, did not have a noble lineage, and descendant of mongrels. On the dog was wearing a worn collar, which the owner of an old fashioned strap to show that the dog is not no man, and has a master.  

The dog sat patiently beside the old man, in front of her feet lay the old cap (sometimes she kept him in the mouth), and parishioners willingly throwing a coin back. So the two of them on the porch recruited alms enough for your food, and even looked into the restaurant, which is actively visited mainly the male population. Agree, no restaurant unthinkable existence any Russian town.

In one rainy morning, when the leaves fall from the trees already covered the frozen ground, the owner of a cot stood up, no matter how the dog was pulling his sleeve. Janitor came, shoved the dog from the owner, issued his body out of the kennel. Then he came back, he drove a dog on the street (she hardly realized grab cap!) And shut the door on the latch kennel. 

The dog is now an orphan. She waited a few days of his master about the kennel, but he did not come. And she intuitively knew that the owner will never return, and now she's alone, she herself would have to take care of their food and a place to sleep. 

to work 

now clever animal sat alone on the porch, holding the old cap in his mouth. Beggars are not chased her and even from their savings in her cap, tossed a few coins. They are not offended by the most generous and compassionate believers when they first gifts to begging dog, and then bypassed all other beggars. 

Smart animal typing alms, is sent to a butcher's shop, where the cap has put on the counter. Since everyone knew it and do not be surprised clerk counted "earnings" of the animal and gave the appropriate amount of meat scraps and small bones.  

A dog with great pleasure in the corner of the back room absorbed reward. Old-timers was even observed that a church holidays dog accumulating money: a day or two did not appear in the butcher shop with his day's takings, and then came up with a larger sum begging to get povesomee and tastiest pieces. 

And once it has been observed after the butcher coward dog into the restaurant. Even when he was alive owner, dog addicted to Charco brandy, which he told her tray.

In the church holidays, especially in damp and chilly weather, the dog before the butcher wrapped to the restaurant and waited patiently for someone of her friends host notice her on the porch drinking establishment and make her a glass of vodka liqueur. Except brandy she did not accept. Vylakav glass of vodka, dog busily coward in a butcher's shop with his cap clamped in the jaws. 

This went on for several years. Then the dog was gone and no longer appeared on the porch of the church. Pro is an intelligent animal (with the mind, similar to human), I never heard of. 

Boris Zhukov 
Magazine "Mysteries" in February 2012

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