Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God created the cat to the person had a tiger, which can be stroked

God created the cat to the person had a tiger, which can be stroked. / Victor Hugo /
Who has a cat, he can not be afraid of loneliness. / Daniel Defoe /
Gather a herd of sheep easily, it is difficult to gather a herd of cats. / Sergei Kapitsa /
Man of culture as much as he is able to understand the cat. / Bernard Shaw /
If you're fat and clumsy, take graceful posture. This is the golden rule is known even cats. / John Waite /
Cats by its very existence disproves the claim that everything in the world is created for man. / Paul Gray /
I learned the wisdom of many philosophers and many cats. Wisdom of cats is immeasurably higher. / Hippolyte Taine /
Hunted and pinned to the wall turns into a tiger cat. / Miguel Cervantes /
Users give birth to dogs, cats and humans. It is seen as useful pets. / George Mikishev /
Dogs win your location, and you - Cat. / George Mikishev /
Cat and training - not so incompatible concepts. Just a couple of days can train a cat anyone. / Graham Cooper /
Only the cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without a lock and love without troubles. /U.L. George /
In the cat, I see a woman with the ever-changing sensitive soul ... / Giacomo Casanova /
If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. / Mark Tven /
The best part of the cat - love of comfort. / Camptonite Mackenzie /
A cat can vymurchat forgiveness for anything. / P. Hanlon /
Dog jumps on your lap, because he loves you; cat - because it is warmer. / Alfred N. Whitehead /
Cat will try to hold on your lap, even when you get up from a chair. Until the last minute she hopes that you will wake up consciences, and you sit back. / Pam Brown /
No more soothing spectacle than the sleeping cat. / Jane Pauley /
Sometimes cursed cat, you look at it, and there is an unpleasant feeling that she understood every word. And remember ... / Charlotte Gray /
When we play with the cat, still the question of who plays with whom - I'm with her and she with me. / Michel de Montaigne /
Chchudesnaya cat bestowed forever! / The ancient Egyptian inscription on the obelisk in Nebra /
Dogs think they are people. Cats think they're gods. / Tobias Bakella /
Only cat lovers know what is always warm, luxurious fur hot water bottle. / Suzanne Millen /
Even the smallest of the cat - perfection. / Leonardo da Vinci /
Cat dreaming about the wings: she wanted to try bats. / Emil Meek /
But the cat - is itself a ghost, he is a demon. It is the very careful and joke. / Theodor Lessing /
You can not fool the cat empty chatter, as any dog, no, sir! / Jerome K. Jerome /
Cats do not ask, they just take all that they need. / Cat Garfield /
Cats do not like the only one who has not met his cat. / Deborah A. Edwards /


Invisible motorcycle
Invisible Guitar
Invisible harmonica
Invisible Snowboard
Invisible hula-hoop
Invisible basketball
Invisible champagne
Invisible Ball Gown
Invisible mower
Fancy riding on an invisible horse
Installing an invisible window
Invisible revolving door
Invisible trolley
Invisible sandwich
Invisible coffin
Invisible friend
Invisible kinovzryv
Invisible parachute
Invisible corncob
Invisible ice cream cone
Invisible centimeter

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