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10 most amazing BIRDS planet.

Ecuadorian Umbrellabird ..

Rare bird family Cotinga originally from Ecuador and western Colombia.

This unusual feathered has a huge cylindrical appendage, like a big beard, which certainly makes it unique. Because of its large size, the bird, unfortunately, often falls prey to poachers.
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Loggerhead parrot.
parrot's neck is a real ugly duckling among the other members of his group.

The bird has a black with red plumage and a menacing look, so it would have been a good company to any pirate.

Bird lives in the forests of New Guinea.

Feathered pride is its massive beak length of about 46 cm and weighing up to 795
2 (700x468, 256Kb)
Unbelievable, but this bird claws not only on the feet, but also on the tips of the wings.

Young birds use these processes to climb to a safe place and easy to take off into the air.

Once Goatsin grows, the claws on the wings fall off.

Home to birds are swamps of the Amazon and Orinoco.
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 Helmeted hornbill.
This bird as if from some foreign militants left.

Massive beak, like a helmet head, shiny neck - can not believe that these monsters are found on Earth!

Helmeted hornbill found for the first time on the Malaysian peninsula, Borneo and Sumatra. Locals believe the strange bird guardian waterway between life and death.
4.2 (700x525, 290Kb)
 Great potoo.
In the forests of South and Central America only dark, among dense forest jungle can meet the "evil elf" - terrible Potoo.

Huge frightening the bird's eye look like buttons, and a huge, wide-open mouth evokes fear.

Afternoon bird sleeping on old stumps, broken branches.

You can not even notice the sleeping "handsome" - so well his gray feathers blend with the environment.

But at night nightjar sits quietly in his place and wait for your favorite prey - insects.
6_1 (700x465, 230Kb)
Frigate gorgeous.
Frigates - the real pirates. Walking on the land, they squawk on seabirds, forcing the latter to give up its prey.

Sit alone on the water frigates can not - on the feet they have no membrane. Interestingly, the magnificent frigate can sleep in the air, flying over the Pacific or Atlantic oceans for many days and nights at an altitude of 2400 m. 

Pride frigates male has a big red bag on the throat which is inflated during the breeding period and reminds the ball. Wingspan Birds - 220 cm, length - 1 m.
7 (700x513, 125Kb)
Standard-winged nightjar.
House is this amazing feathered Sahara and hallmark - two long feathers up to 60 cm, which grow in males during the mating season.

The bird itself reaches only 23 centimeters in length.

Only the mating season is over, the bird loses its wings, feathers and becomes nothing inconspicuous birds.
8 (700x465, 183Kb)
The bearded vulture.
The maximum wingspan bearded - 304 cm, maximum weight - 8 kg.

Meet the giant bird can be along the mountain ranges of southern Europe, Africa, Tibet and India.
The bird is fairly simple.

Bearded 90% powered by the bone marrow. To enjoy your favorite delicacy, he drives the sheep on the edge of the cliffs, so that they fell, smashing his head or throwing from a height of turtles, breaking them shell.
There is a legend that the Greek playwright Aeschylus was killed when a large bird dropped a tortoise on his head, obviously, mistaking her husband with a stone.

If this is indeed the case, then surely the culprit was bearded.
111 (700x460, 259Kb)
Vulturine guineafowl.
This unusual bird just flew back to Earth from another planet!

Just look at that strange in her plumage!

Vulturine guineafowl part of the family Guineafowl and the only one of its kind.

Strange bird eyes like the eyes of a reptile. Homeland loggerhead guinea fowl - North-East Africa, so the bird is well adapted to the arid climate.
12 (700x468, 197Kb)
Roseate spoonbill.

Dwells in the warmer parts of South and North America and is very reminiscent of flamingos. It grows up to 92 cm in length.

Bright pink and green plumage bald converted spoonbills in a fantastic bird of some fictional country.
Favorite treat - crustaceans, insects and small fish, which give the bird a sweet, gentle plumage.

10 (700x442, 236Kb)

Miniature things, it is always fun, especially when they are functional. Mikroptichka hummingbird has long been known for its small size, comparable to the size of the butterfly. Appreciate the beauty of this unique bird and see it in flight and see her thin tongue with which she drinks the sweet nectar of flowers.

 So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Hummingbirds manage to swing its wings 50 times per second

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

These pictures were taken by photographer Chris Morgan

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Chris visited a private reserve Bosque de Paz in Costa Rica of 3,000 acres, where did these wonderful pictures

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Pictures of other photographers

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Hummingbird in flight (slow motion), you can see the protruding tongue from her beak.

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Hummingbirds near a coin, for comparison

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

Hummingbirds drinking from the mouth of man

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

During snack

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

So close hummingbirds you have not seen

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