Friday, December 5, 2014


Yesterday all day was relatively warm and sunny even.

Went with friends on the nature and now meeting with ducks and geese.

Watch them pleasure.

And although my friend shouted that geese can bite and hurt pretty, I still came closer and with pleasure naschelkat photos.

They even rejoiced my presence, then swam very close to the shore, it becomes in a row and slowly floated, showing off in front of me, and then went out into the sun hiding in the foliage and flowers alone. 

Funny shake legs, flap their wings, I think even danced ... See for yourself.

Duck in a quiet lake splashing in the midday heat, through the transparent depths reflected on the stone floor. That dive, there is a short distance away, shaking off the wing. And threw the water sparkling rainbow beak.
"Lady" .... Singer Ballet soloist duck .. :)
I ran to the gusёnku: - Oh, what a furry!
Only goose goose hissed something quickly.
Gus cackles: "Ha-ha-ha!" He waves his wings.
And, as if, says: - Leave out!
Do not miss my goslings, those that graze the grass,
And not that you have now, pinch the heel!
I can not cope with the goose - sorry your heels.
I will contact Ubegayu field without looking back!
(I. Fomicheva)
White geese go to the brook;
White geese gusyatok lead.
White geese came to the meadow,
geese shouted: "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

I have to admit honestly that among these photographs have pictures

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