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Flying fish.

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Exocoetidae - a family of fish that are in common are called volatile. And no wonder, because these fish are able to jump out of the water and plan on its surface with the help of his impressive pectorals. Due to the streamlined torpedo-shaped body fish can get enough speed under water, then to escape to the surface and take to the air and to plan with the help of large, similar to the wings of the fins on a fairly long distances. Usually the trajectory of their "fly" is about 50 m, but there were cases where the flying fish to overcome the distance of 200 meters or more. Some of these fish have elongated pelvic and pectoral fins that allow them to plan more than a flying squirrel (up to 400 m!). Moreover, they possess an excellent ability to maneuver. These fish are called chetyrёhkrylymi.

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To emerge from the water, fish wags its tail about 70 times per second. It then spreads its pectoral fins and tilts them slightly.
At the end of "flight," she adds pectoral fins to re zanyrnut or lowers the tail in the water to rise for the next flight, perhaps with a change of direction.
curved shape of the "wing" flying fish is comparable to the aerodynamic shape of the bird's wing.
known that in order to increase the time of flight, this fish can take advantage of the vertical air flow. believed that the unique ability to fly evolved in fish family Exocoetidae, to avoid natural enemies, which they have a lot of . Among the main predators that hunt flying fish can be called mackerel, tuna, swordfish, marlin and other large underwater inhabitants. Unfortunately, the aerial maneuvers fish Exocoetidae not enough to avoid the most dangerous predator in the world - a man. In Japanese cuisine of this fish is prepared some types of sushi. flying fish constantly used in the kitchen of the people on Taiwan s. Barbados flying fish threatened by pollution and too intensive fishing, which is why its population in the waters around the island declined sharply. This has led to some controversy in fisheries between Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Picture from different sources an Internet.

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