Friday, March 6, 2015


Life is the most interesting animals from around the world. NOW TV television station tries to guess using lambs predictors of who wins the match English Premier League: Liverpool or Chelsea. (Photo by Joe Pepler):
Nanda on the golf course in Hertfordshire, England. Rhea - flightless birds that look like an ostrich. They are characterized by large animals savannah subtropical and temperate latitudes of South America.(Photo by Warren Allott):
Real friends. To the surprise of a farmer from the English county of Norfolk, the goose was the best friend to his flock of 72 sheep. (Photo by MATTHEW USHER | ARCHANT):
Give food! Thrush chick in the nest in Frankfurt, Germany. Blackbirds are common in Europe, Asia and America. In winter, northern species fly south, gathering in large flocks. (Photo ARNE DEDERT | AFP | Getty Images):
Austrian wildlife photographer Josef Gelernter took giant pandas on a swing at the Vienna Zoo, Austria.(Photo JOSEF GELERNTER):
Ideal position: Young alligator head to inspect the neighborhood moms. And a good review, and predators are not terrible. (Photo by John Moran):
Unexpected passenger in the front seat of a car in a traffic jam in Changchun, China. About 6000 years ago the Indians of Peru domesticated alpacas and began breeding them. (Photo: REUTERS):
Ambitious rabbit. April 14, the first day of the Holy Week at the Old Town Square in Prague passed rabbit steeplechase. (Photo by EPA | FILIP SINGER):
There will want - and not so raskoryachishsya ... Squirrel trying to get to the last crumbs in a bird feeding trough, Northumberland, England. (Photo by Steve Tomlinson):
Penguins in the Falkland Islands. (Photo NIKET SARDANA):
4:00 spent a wildlife photographer Hank Perry to make this picture a family of grizzly bears. (Photo by Hank Perry):
Star Instagram - an account which has a pig named Penelope Popcorn. Has tens of thousands of subscribers. (Photo CATERS):
Rare shot: sip chipmunk in the mountains in the state of New Mexico. (Photo by Jay Campbell):
Future football player. Rhino with a ball in a park in Germany. (Photo by Peter Steffen | AFP | Getty Images):
Sunset in the savannah after a 6-day shower, and a small herd of giraffes in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. (Photo by Michael Poliza):
Medical check-up 14-year-old orangutan in the center of Sumatra. The name is derived from the Malay Orang Hutan, which means "forest man» (orang - «people», hutan - «Forest"). (Photo SUTANTA ADITYA | AFP):
Cedric duckling with pleasure poses for photographers at Easter. (Photo by RICHARD AUSTIN):

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