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Focus on Top Photographers January 2015 by National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Russia. 
17 photos 1. Where firewood? Women returning home with firewood and fodder, Pakistan. (Photo: Matthieu Paley): 2. Fairy forest. Mushroom Oudemansiella mucida. Grows thick branches of living trees, dead and dead on the trunks of deciduous trees. Peel the clear, covered with a thick layer of mucus.(Photo Agorastos Papatsanis): 3. The village in Hungary. Is located in a nature reserve. (Photo by Gabor Dvornik): 4. Handsome man in New York Zoo. Nicobar pigeon - mostly terrestrial bird. It is easily recognized by growths on the beak, as well as a luxurious cloak of long narrow feathers and white tail.(Photo by Ivan Lesica): 5. Gaze. Bighorns of Wyoming. The largest members of the species are found in Kamchatka and Chukotka. On luxury horns clearly visible annual rings, their size depends on the age of the animal. (Photo by Dawn Wilson): 6. Keith and shorthead. Humpback whales are often beaten and slapped on the surface of the sea long pectoral fins and caudal fin, whisking foam roll on his back, put the muzzle of the water. Often completely jump out of the water in an upright position and with a resounding splash of falling down. (Photo by Fabrice Guerin): 7. Unusual, strange landscapes say that we are in Iceland. This Stoksnes - Cape located on the south-east of the island. (Photo by Johan Brouwer): 8. Alpine Chough in the National Park of Gran Paradiso. It is the oldest national park in Italy.(Phot Stefano Unterthiner): 9. Sly fox. Catches are fish, hunt rabbits. By the way, this is also a National Park Gran Paradiso in Italy. (Photo by Stefano Unterthiner): 10. Fight fox and goose, Wrangel Island.The main defensive weapon white goose - wings blows which he could cripple fox. (Photo by Sergey Gorshkov): 11. Pterois miles, Mozambique. The problem of marine protected areas - the protection of entire ecosystems, from plankton to predators. In Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique healthy reefs provide annual return of migratory fish, which attracts the attention of predators such as poisonous Pterois miles. (Photo by Thomas P. Peschaka): 12. Goose family, Wrangel Island. Hatched the first in the family, senior goslings are patiently waiting for their brothers and sisters. While the chicks in white geese appear almost simultaneously, "senior" from "junior" separates a few hours. (Photo by Sergey Gorshkov):13. Red-eyed tree frog, Costa Rica. Waking up on a tree branch near Guayakan de Siquirres, red-eyed tree frog is looking at the world through the translucent lid with gold veins. Scarlet eyes of this poisonous small - 7.5 centimeters in length - amphibians can be considered a kind of daunting coloring - some animals use this strategy for protection from predators. (Photo by Ingo Arndt): 14. Coastal cormorants, Namibia. Mercury Island - the most important reserve for coastal cormorants, whose number has decreased in recent decades to a few thousand. (Photo by Thomas P. Peschaka): 15. Fox family, Chukotka. "Bad weather" - so named Ivan Kislov your picture taken in Bilibinskiy District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. This work brought Ivan won the "Wild Russia - 2014" and won first place in the category "Moms and young." (Photo by Ivan Kislov): 16. Himba women, Namibia. Himba girl from the north-west Namibia covers ocher hair girlfriend. Valued for the warm red-red shade, ocher is widely used to decorate the body and in our days, as it was used in ancient times. (Photo by Stephen Alvarez): 17.Elephant, India. In the Indian state of Assam Julia Kyums pictures of orphaned elephants. Her attention was drawn to a kid who lost their parents during the flood. When she left, elephant climbed on the window sill, allowing to make a farewell photo. (Photo by Julia Kyums):
National Geographic: Best Photos January

Women returning home with firewood and fodder, Pakistan

Mushroom Oudemansiella mucida

The village in Hungary

Nicobar pigeon

Bighorns of Wyoming

Keith and shorthead


National Park of Gran Paradiso - the oldest national park in Italy

Sly fox


Pterois miles, Mozambique

Goose family, Wrangel Island

Red-eyed tree frog, Costa Rica

Coastal cormorants, Namibia

Fox family, Chukotka

Himba women, Namibia

Elephant, India

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