Saturday, January 31, 2015

Some Real and Rare Information About Dogs and Cats


These floating cat from the Japanese Setsdzi Mamiya. Really like him such flights favorites and compares them with ninja)))
koshki_1 (466x700, 201Kb)

koshki_13 (466x700, 140Kb)

koshki_2 (466x700, 204Kb)

koshki_4 (700x466, 135Kb)

koshki_10 (700x466, 194Kb)

koshki_5 (466x700, 152Kb)

koshki_6 (466x700, 202Kb)

koshki_7 (700x700, 262Kb)
koshki_11 (466x700, 68Kb)


friends_01 (700x525, 265Kb)

friends_02 (700x525, 197Kb)

friends_03 (700x525, 232Kb)

friends_04 (700x525, 240Kb)

friends_05 (700x431, 201Kb)


You still do not have a dog? Suggest choosing shiba inu! Do you know why you should choose a dog breed Shiba Inu? Firstly, it is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and secondly, they are hunting, thirdly, they just admire milashki.A here!Shibas01 (700x525, 88Kb)

Shibas03 (700x492, 94Kb)

Shibas02 (700x525, 146Kb)

Shibas04 (700x525, 97Kb)

Shibas05 (700x467, 127Kb)

Shibas06 (700x466, 81Kb)

Shibas07 (700x467, 111Kb)

Shibas12 (485x700, 297Kb)

Shibas13 (501x700, 109Kb)

Shibas15 (700x467, 48Kb)

Shibas16 (700x468, 94Kb)

Shibas18 (700x525, 152Kb)

Shibas20 (700x695, 164Kb)

Shibas19 (695x700, 111Kb)


Advertising posters with animal hair styles were created by the agency specialists Staudinger + Franke commissioned by the German company Braun - so this manufacturer has decided to raise the demand for electric shavers and other equipment for hair care. Of course, the little animals are unlikely to be interested in the supply of goods, but connoisseurs of unusual approach to advertising be sure to remember these colorful and funny pictures.
Author funny advertising project was the famous Bulgarian master of photo-manipulation Mladen Penev.Thanks to his efforts the most ordinary little animals got unusual and fashionable styling, artistic haircuts, Iroquois, and even stylish mustache. Lovely and cute squirrel, chick, a monkey and a kitten in a moment turned from nondescript animal animals stylish trendsetters, conquering the world with their fashionable appearance.
68 (700x447, 61Kb)

122 (700x447, 46Kb)

213 (700x448, 60Kb)

310 (700x447, 56Kb)

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