Friday, November 13, 2009

Amazing Animal Oddites

Is animal oddities Mother Nature’s way of telling us to let things happen naturally and stop giving animals hormones and to stop using pesticides? You be the judge. All over the world for decades there have been animal babies born with some sort of strange thing happening to them.

1 Pink Dolphin

From what is being dubbed as the hot pink dolphin off of the Gulf of Mexico to two headed animals, oddities seem to happen a few times a year and they fascinate us every single time.

Giant Hog

This giant hog was discovered weighing over one thousand pounds and was nine feet, four inches long.

Giant Squid

A giant squid was discovered and it weighs and astounding nine hundred and ninety pounds.

Giant Killer Sea Worm

A giant killer sea worm was discovered when workers couldn’t figure out what was killing the reef. This worm can numb a person for the rest of their life.

Six Foot Tall Cow

This six foot tall cow was discovered by its owners. Even though he only eats during the day he is still the biggest cow on record.

Giant Jumping Rat

A Giant jumping rat the size of a rabbit was discovered lately and it is the largest one ever discovered of its kind.

Giant Shark

This giant shark was caught and weighed eleven hundred pounds and measured thirteen feet in length. This shark was the largest of the species of shark.

Giant Stingray

The giant stingray was discovered and weighed in at seven hundred and seventy one pounds.

Giant Stick Bug

This giant stick bug was discovered and measured in at a whopping twenty-two inches in length.

Giant Alligator

This giant alligator was discovered and he was 17 feet in length and weighed in at thirteen hundred pounds.

Giant Bunny

This giant bunny is well fed and the owners are proud to have it in their home.

Cyclops Cat

This Cyclops cat was born without a nose and with only one eye. He only lived for one day.

Six Legged Frog

Six legged frogs are found all over the country and they are believed to be developing that way due to water run off from farms, which contains poison and pesticides.

Two Faced Kitten

Two faced kittens are born and can live to be full grown cats.

Albino Alligator

Albino alligators are a rarity to see, but are fascinating nonetheless.

White Buffalo

White buffalo’s are seen as sacred by the Native American tribes, when theses calves are born the Native American’s hold drum ceremonies to honor them.

Two-faced Cow

Two-faced cows are born and are not slated to survive very long, but can have a productive life.

Four Legged Duckling

Four legged ducklings are a rare occasion, but are interesting to see.

Giant Shortraker

Giant animals are another in the worlds oddities that have been discovered as of lately. This giant shortraker rockfish was discovered and is forty-four inches in length and weighs sixty-six pounds.

With all these strange oddities happening, whether they are by the hands of us and the chemicals we use to make our food or by the hands of just Mother Nature herself we can only guess at what is causing these things to happen in every day life. Maybe it is a wake up call and maybe it is just something we all need to be in awe of.

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