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Krasnohohly Turaco - bird feathers which are museum pieces

Krasnohohly Turaco (lat. Tauraco erythrolophus) - the only bird in whose coloration present real red and green colors.When we look at most of the birds, the color that we see is the reflection of the structure of the feather. pigments that color the feathers krasnohohlogo Turaco (red and green pigment turatsin turakoverdin) contain copper. And really, if you omit the red pen in a glass of water, the water will turn pink. Krasnohohlyh Turaco feathers, which have already become museum pieces, in time, develop a deeper color, because copper begins to oxidize. Cuckoo these relatives that live exclusively on the African continent, sub-Saharan Africa from Angola to Congo, highly mobile nature gave thumbs, which are capable of Turaco rotate both forward and backward. Krasnohohlye Turaco got its name from the beautiful crest length of about five centimeters, which takes a vertical position when the birds are excited by something, for example, during the mating period. Turaco live in large groups of about thirty individuals. They reproduce maintain monogamy, and during courtship, males krasnohohlogo Turaco take on the responsibility for feeding the female. Deciding to start a family, both prospective parents jointly build a nest. Eggs mother and father also hatch in turn. Once the chicks are hatched, to care for them and connect the other, more experienced members of the pack.

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Here is a bird! Amazon Crowned ... Mukhoed!

Fans of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, seeing this bird, startled by the undoubted similarities: the same proud bearing, the same piercing eyes, and even black-red-yellow-cornered hat on his head is the same. Sizes a bit different, but a little imagination - and here it is, an outstanding statesman and military leader.
This bird belongs to the order Passeriformes. She is one of the most beautiful representatives tirannovyh flycatchers, and the name of this sparrow Amazonian crowned Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus).
Under normal conditions, in the guise of this Ptakha not unusual, only under strong excitation Crowned Mukhoed fully deploys its luxury crested hair, turning at the same time in an unusually handsome jewelery. Crest can be taken as a smaller copy of the peacock's tail, so many call the bird peacock vice versa.
Feathers that make up the crest, usually males painted in fiery red color with blue tips. Females of different races who do not want to resemble each other, instead of a fiery red color flaunt stunning yellow or orange shades hairstyles. When folded, the crest resembles the opposite projection broad and fairly long beak. Of the bird's head in its form has striking similarity with a hammer.
Crowned Mukhoed lives almost everywhere in South America. Birds are kept in pairs or singly in moist lowland forests, preferring shady edge far away from streams


These fish live in all oceans, but the greatest number, of course, in warm tropical seas Especially a lot of them in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Barbados. This country has the second unofficial name-EARTH FLYING FISH and fish is a symbol of the country.

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Record-flight 45sekund .EŃ‘ torpedo body allows a speed under water up to 60 km.chas.
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Its fins dense structure, which is not breathable and maintains the fish in the air.
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at the end of the flight, first touches the water the fish tail and continues to "walk" through the water like a marlin or a sailboat.
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Running away from their numerous enemies, flying fish accelerates to 60 km / h, flapping tail fin 70 times per second
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