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Dogs live with a man is not one hundred years. And they treat us better than we are to them. Did you know that our faithful four-legged friends are intellectually at two-year children are able to understand up to 250 words and gestures can solve simple mathematical problems and even to count to five? We invite you to get to know their favorites by reading a selection of facts about dogs. And then all seals seals da ...
Wild Side
Despite the fact that dogs were domesticated about 33,000 years ago, they have a primitive instinct.For example, wolves, dogs howl at the moon, they are favored.
Dogs see your emotions
Studies have shown that dogs can easily read the emotions on people's faces.
Dogs can distinguish colors
Dogs do not see the world in black and white. They distinguish between yellow and blue colors, but the intensity of perception is lower than in humans. Red and green dogs see as yellow-gray and confused with each other.
High body temperature
Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. Considered a normal temperature of 37.5 to 39 ° C, a heart rate varies between 60 to 120 beats per minute.
Dogs get cancer
Dogs, like people, can develop cancer. At the age of 10 dog may suffer from such ailments: lymphoma, skin cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, etc.
Dogs can smell disease
A recent study conducted in a hospital Schillerhöhe (Germany), has proven that dogs can detect the smell of certain organic compounds in the human body that indicate the presence of cancer.
Dogs harmful tobacco smoke
Veterinarians say that tobacco smoke is harmful to dogs. Because of him, the dogs can get a variety of respiratory diseases, allergies and lung cancer.
Lameness in dogs can be caused by different conditions: from a splinter, stuck in his paw to arthritis.However, in some cases, may develop bone cancer.
They can not eat chocolate
Dogs can not eat chocolate because it contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs (and horses, parrots and cats) and can lead to serious poisoning.
One study showed that dogs with elongated muzzles live longer than, for example, pugs or bulldogs.
Effect of Rain
Thunderstorm creates special sound frequencies, which trap the dog's ears. These sounds may be sensitive to pets.
We sweating occurs across the skin in dogs - in his paws.
Just as people can be identified by fingerprints, dogs can be distinguished by their fingerprints nose.
Dogs are endowed with a strong sense of smell. Nose dog is a thousand times more sensitive than a human.
Humidity nose dog plays an important part. It is because of the humidity, she understands which direction odor.
The longer the dog's nose, the more efficient its internal cooling system.
Stein instinct
Do dogs have a pack instinct, so it considers the leader of its owner.
In the US, about 1 million dogs become heirs of deceased owners.
Frightened dog takes a special position. She grips the tail between the legs, thus hiding scent glands, which are "identity card."
Studies show that dogs can be jealous. They produced oxytocin, which is responsible for the expression of love and its associated emotions.
Dogs myclyat as 2-year-olds. They tend to learn. The "smarter" the rock, the more dog teams can remember.
The dogs can reach speeds up to 45 miles / h. Greyhound is the fastest dog.
Chasing the tail
Have you ever thought about why your puppy catches the tail? In the wild, dogs by a circular motion of the body convert grass into a cozy bed.
Biblical dogs
Dogs were even a Bible. The Bible mentions dogs 14 times.
In the holy book mentions greyhound.
Dogs, like people, can be a hiccup when eating or drinking too fast.
So the dog drink water, adding the lower part of the language in the form of "cup"
Dogs do not feel guilty, but may be upset because of your anger.
Communication with dogs lowers blood pressure
Studies show that people who stroked the dogs, blood pressure decreases.
There is such a thing as "Frito Feet", which characterizes the paws of dogs smelling like corn chips.Paws dogs are constantly in contact with the ground and on the feet is got a lot of all sorts of microorganisms after the dog's paws sweat cools through the pads, they can take a variety of flavors: nuts, popcorn, corn chips
Stray dogs in Russia figured out how to use the subway system to travel to more populated areas in search of food
Bucks - blind boxer who has a goose-guide named Battons. Battons 4-year-old goose Bax leads everywhere and it indicates the direction where necessary to move:
Spiked dog collars have been invented by the ancient Greeks and were originally designed to protect the throat dogs from wolf attacks
Hyenas though like dogs, but have a close relationship with cats
Service dogs are trained to recognize that they are in the service. And when the service comes to an end, they immediately become playful and energetic
Guide dogs pee and cocoa team that the owner was willing and able to clean up after her dog. Dogs allowed also write without lifting a paw
Dogs do not like when they hug, as it is like to make humans and apes. The limbs on top of the body, they mean dominance and the feeling they do not really like
Puppies 28 teeth and adult dogs - 42.
The heart of a large dog, like a man, by the way, at rest beats 60 to 100 beats per minute, in small - 100-140.
Hard to get a big dog in the house. But most small dog - chihuahua named Heaven Sent Brandy. Its weight is 900 gr., And the growth of it with a jar from the Coca-Cola.
72% of dog owners believe that their wards could predict the storm. Predicting the weather helps them excellent hearing: 10 times more acute than humans.
Dogs have three pairs of eyelids: upper, lower and nictitating membrane that lubricates and protects the eye.
Dogs 1700 gustatory receptors. For comparison, a person - 9000.
The dog smells 10 000 - 100 000 times better than a human. Keep your goodies in a safe place.
45% of dogs sleep in the master beds.
Hume quiet hour 29
The first law on the rights of animals was adopted in Japan in the 17-18 centuries. According to him, the killing of the dogs was punishable by execution, and the citizens had to apply to the stray dogs as "honor Dog."
The Canary Islands are named after dogs (from the Latin «canis»), which is worshiped by the locals.
According to the code of laws from the 14th century, "the Metropolitan of justice", in ancient Rus dog was valued as one ox, or 3 horses herd of sheep.
In total there are 703 breeds of purebred dogs.
The most venerable dog, terrier named Max, in August 2013 was 30 years old. By human standards - is 210 years old!
Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader prior to any action.
Remember, according to the dog, you - the pack leader. At least it should be.
1. The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Afghan Hound is almost completely preserved not only its original appearance, but also has carried through the ages traits of their ancestors. In addition to being the oldest Afghan hounds, they are also the most stubborn dog. Their psyche is very sensitive, but it does not prevent them from being absolute egoists. Not surprisingly, your greyhound hail hear at best a tenth time, and when execute the command, it can be considered a miracle. No wonder this breed compared with cats. 2. Basenji about this breed, few have heard the former Soviet Union.Interesting basenji primarily a special bark. When you happen to hear it, the first thought is that somewhere near a baby crying or laughing adult. Habits besendzhi very similar to cats: constantly preen, or wash out the window and watch everything that was going on below. Let the luck to anyone who tries to make Basenji obedient dog! 3. Bulldog This breed - one of the most noble and loyal. Bulldogs - famous guards. But not all. The question is: Will the owner of patience to raise a fearless fighter.Otherwise, come very gentle and friendly dog. 4. Chow Chow breed of Korea from the beginning was not designed for severe service. This is the case when it is not known who should be: stubborn, "Bear" or its owner. Chow Chow - the dog is not for the infirm women and children are not for fun. This breed is different nasty character and needs in the harsh upbringing. It is possible to apply not for everyone. 5.Russian greyhound to imagine that such a number have a similar dog, you just have to remember the behavior of cats. The same self-confidence and independence. But the big plus in the nature of this breed is not very popular is the tenderness and affection. If you still want to check their teaching abilities, be prepared to deal with your ward irresistible egoism. 6. Bloodhound unsurpassed sense of smell completely compensates not too marked intellectual ability bloodhound. This breed distinguish thousands of odors and can identify only be watched. So in the process of training do not be surprised if your pet will be more play detective than listen to the command. 7. Pekingese Some of the sympathetic justify this decorative rock favorites that miniature dogs just do not hear commands! Ostensibly because of long hair. In fact, everything is explained by peculiarity of nature - Pekingese independent and like to dominate, even on the owner. By the dog belongs to their owners rather than with devotion and with royal indulgence. 8. Mastiff guaranteed to produce a large body of great intelligence? A mastiff is undoubtedly one of the biggest dogs. And the most stubborn. To your pet came from a true guard, follow some tips. Firstly, these dogs are very sensitive to noise, so you can not scream and choke in the emotions. Second, the "educational hours" should be short and sweet - do not forget to praise the dog for the studied material. 9. Beagle Beagle Is hopeless in learning simple commands or is it his natural independence and pride, but the fact remains: to teach this funny, nice dog something very difficult.This breed is suitable for families with small children, but there is ... cats. 10. Basset Though it and not enough intelligence, but this breed is one of the most welcoming and truly lovely. They are wonderful, "detective", in fact has a surprisingly subtle scent, which are the envy of any other dog. Basset famous remarkable character and temperament. But do not take the time to teach him how to cast a vote or sit on command. Wasted effort! This dog with nerves all is well, but your nerve cells do not survive the training basset hound. Source










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