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Ostrich loves to bury our heads in the sand is one of the most common misconceptions about animals. likely this misconception appears to be due to the fact that the ostrich often seen with his head down low, especially if it stands in the tall grass. And there are several reasons. During feeding ostrich can linger a long time in this position, carefully examining what he wants to eat. Ostrich can also relax with a low head down, relaxing, so the neck muscles, or even bury our heads in the shade from the scorching sun. Anyway, it is not known a single reliable case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand or earth, but and, among other things, that no it does not contribute to the anatomical structure of his head and neck. And what will breathe ostrich, burying his head in the sand?))) dog barks when he wants to attack you in most cases just the opposite is true. Yes, you can feel the aggression by barking and running on your dog with bared teeth, however, it's just a warning for you - so the dog attracts attention, demonstrating their hostile attitude, and require you to leave its territory . If a dog barks at you and showing teeth - it is a demonstration of threat and reluctance to enter the fray. dog or other predator, who intends to attack the person doing it quietly, without fanfare, and barking. So if you see a dog going at you with ears laid back and a little head down with tight body pressed into the ground, and you feel her concentrated gaze on him, to be sure: it is this kind of a predator, a deliberate attack you! Monkey looking each other fleas It would be nice to think that our closest relatives from the animal world so carefully relate to each other. But it is not. It turns out that monkeys are interesting in the wool of their fellow small salt crystals formed there as a result of the sweat glands. Almost all kinds of monkeys live in a hot climate and lack of natural mineral salts. This method is for them a good source of a balanced set of soluble salts. Camels store water in the humps of camels Many died from the ignorance of a man who killed them thirsty in the desert in hopes of finding a rescue liquid. It is scientifically proven that camel's hump is no water, there is only a large supply of fat that the animal is able to cleave, among other things, on the water and carbon dioxide. camel body is arranged so as to lose as little as possible moisture sparingly spending available at a fluid supply. The camel there are no sweat glands, and he has a very high ability to concentrate urine. All this allows for a camel to withstand anhydrous diet for 3 weeks. Before the rain always swallows fly low Yes it's true, but not always.This assertion is due to the fact that the diet swallows make flying insects, so the height of members of the family lastochkoobraznyh hunting due to the presence of insects at a given height. Before the rain insects fall to the ground below, and behind them, and swallows. Nevertheless, not only the approaching rain, but sudden changes in temperature, and cooling in the twilight hours also lead to a lowering of insects close to the ground. Then we begin to see how masterfully swallows and swifts fly, literally 20 inches from the ground. At the same time, young individuals growing up when leaving the nest try their hand in the sky, in spite of the weather, they can be seen high in the sky during the light rain. Therefore, seeing the swallows zipping above the ground, do not rush home for an umbrella, because "There is no bad weather." Dogs and cats are black and white vision Until recently it was believed that dogs can not distinguish colors and see the world in black and white. Recent research scientists refute this long-held belief.dogs have color vision, however, somewhat different than in humans. Here plays the role of the structure of the eye.For color perception meet the cones in the retina and their dog less than a man. Additionally, the retina of the human eye has three types of cones, each of which responds to its own range of colors. Some of them are the most sensitive to red and orange colors, the second to the yellow and green, while others respond to blue, indigo and violet. In dogs, there is no sensitivity to red. Therefore, they can not distinguish between yellow-green and orange-red. This is similar to the way they see color-blind. And the fact that we ourselves perceive as blue-green, the dog may appear white. From each side of the cut earthworm grow a new time to dispel this misconception and to save the lives of thousands of innocent earthworms. None of the cut worm will not grow, and part of it will die fast enough.There is a small chance to survive only at the front of the head. Earthworm reproduces only by laying eggs.Earthworm has a nervous system and feels pain, so please do not need to help them multiply so sadistic way. After touching a toad warts appear unclear why we have people such hostile attitude towards these innocent animals?Perhaps because of their unusual appearance. In nature, there are several varieties of toads that there are poisonous, but none of them is found in Ukraine. Doctors confidently say that not any warts from contact with the toads does not appear, only in exceptional cases occurs mild allergic reaction in susceptible people to this. But while there is no need to take a toad in his hands. For it themselves toads will be very grateful. Fish do not speak and do not hearProbably everyone knows the expression "it like a fish." More recently, people thought that the fish is not only dumb, but also deaf. today proved that it is not. Therefore, when fishing must comply with complete silence. Fish catch even the slightest exposure to the sound. They hear very well, despite the fact that the hearing they are simpler than those of other animals: they have only the inner ear - the membranous labyrinth located in the wall of the bone of the skull. Pisces actively emit a lot of rubbing sounds and smacked his mouthparts, which we not able to hear because of another structure of our hearing, and also because of the different sound conduction of habitats, such as air and water. Accordingly, all sounds are heard far more aquatic life. Question is only - whether fish your language? Bull annoying red Many curious scientist conducting special experiments to disprove this common misconception. As a result, it was found that there are colors that would be irritated bull. Primarily it irritates the mobility of objects, people or animals, which he takes as potential enemies. This is used by bullfighters, easily shaking hood (red cloth) before attacking bull. Yet we do not recommend taking the example of the bullfighter and remain motionless, hiding behind various objects of the landscape. Remember, in any case, the threat posed by such a large animal, the best means of protection is to comply with a reasonable distance, and not choosing the right wardrobe. horses sleep standing This is true, but not always. In peace and safety they sleep lying down - one might even say, "throwing the hoof." Deep sleep horses lasts only two to three hours, rest of the time asleep - standing. horse can really relax standing thanks to the unique "locking" mechanism of the knee joint, which allows it to stay on their feet for a very long time and at the same time relax the muscles. During sleep standing horse even dreaming (rapid phase of sleep), but to relax and relieve the tension from the muscles, the horse is required to bear. Source

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