Friday, November 6, 2009

Cute Exotic Baby Animals Born at Zoos Around the World

Tiny Tiger Triplets Say - "Roar!"

Born June 2nd,Amur Tigers are the largest of all cat species, reaching 11 feet and up to 650 lbs in adulthood.

Meet a Medditerranean Miniature Donkey

Born July 16th amidst heavy thunder and lightening, the UK's Wingham Wildlife Park named it's newest Mediterranean Miniature Donkey foal "Storm."

Little Loggerheads Weather the Storm at Sea World

Rough seas caused by Hurricane Bill prevented this tiny week-old trio baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles from safely trekking to the ocean from their nest.

Boisterous Baboons Show Their Stuff

Visitors enjoyed the antics of a pair of baby baboons as they got up to some "monkey business".

Everyone's Pulling for Denver's Tamarin Orphans

Zoo keepers and veterinary staff at Denver Zoo are working around the clock to care for emperor tamarin twins, orphaned after the death of their mother.

Baby Elephant Shower Time

Watch a tiny elephant calf enjoying her first wash.
A Squirrelly Little Monkey

Squirrel Monkey clings tightly to mom's back.

Romping Snow Leopard Kittens

Well technically they're cubs... but the newest little Snow Leopards sure look like curious kittens to us.
Double Giraffe Calves for the Binder Park Zoo

The first baby was 6' tall and the second 5' 6", but what's six inches when you're almost two yards tall at birth?

Cheetah Cub Charms in Cincinnati

Baby White-Cheeked Gibbon Along for the Ride

This tiny White-Cheeked Gibbon was born April 3rd and still spends most of his time clinging tightly to mom, 21 year old Indah.

Up Close and Personal with a Baby Barbary Macaque

This baby macaque was born in the last few weeks at Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands.

Four's Company at the Denver Zoo

The July 9th birth of quadruplet red panda cubs is extremely rare; this marks only the fifth recorded birth of quadruplets at an accredited U.S. zoo.

Rare Ducklings Born at the Louisville Zoo

After 26 days in the incubator, two tiny ducklings were born and are doing well.

A Healthy 251 lb Baby!

After 22 months of pregnancy, mother elephant Christie gave birth to a high-spirited female calf weighing in at 251 lbs or 114 kg.

A Belgian Birth with Stripes

Antwerp Zoo welcomed a new zebra foal to it's ranks. While camouflaged well against its mother, the striking stripes and lanky frame make it a standout among visitors.

Baby Meerkats at the Belfast Zoo

Newest playful meerkat pups emerge from the den and explore their surroundings, as their relatives keep a characteristic meerkat lookout.

A Furry Little Backpack

A baby Ring-tail Lemur takes in its surroundings from the safety of mom's back.

Meet the Columbus Zoo's Newest Little Langur

When Is a Hedgehog Not a Hedgehog?

This little fellow was born on June 24th to one of the only breeding females in the United States.

Fledgling Flamingo in the Sun

A Caribbean Flamingo chick basks in the sun while mom watches affectionately.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

In June the Bronx Zoo welcomed a happy and healthy baby Coquerel's Sifaka Lemur .

Baby Koala Ventures out of the Pouch

We see a sleepy Koala joey at the stage when it first ventures out of its mother's pouch.

Orphan Pups Find a Home at the Mystic Aquarium

Three playful sea lion pups, all rescued separately from harbors in Southern California, have found their way to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.

Looking Fierce!

This "ferocious" young cub was born in May.

Smile and Say Cheetah!

Johari, a 2-month-old African cheetah, shows off her pearly whites at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park.

Alien or Aardvark?

This newborn aardvark at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo most certainly wins the award for wrinkliest baby.

A South American Tapir in King Arthur's Court

This beautifully camouflaged baby tapir was recently born at the UK's Marwell Zoo.

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